formal offer-fox sports.

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eagles make formal offer to orford and bell and monaghan says he is not ready to play hooker.interesting stuff given that all monaghans previous football in first grade was hooker or off the bench.also strange that he thinks he can push a team around the park in the most important position on the paddock yet is not ready to play hooker.

without going into the old orford/monaghan argument i think there is one simple rule in all this.a professional plays where the coach puts you and you get on with it.if johnsy can play hooker in origin without whinging michael can toe the team line.bleating to the press gets himself and the club nowhere especially when the deal is no sure thing re orford.

get on with it and kick those panther butts.that is all that matters now.
If what is reported about Monas is true then we dont want him. What kind of commited team man says I will only play this one positiona and damned if I will be in a different one.

I hope it isnt true.
Thank goodness. Here we go, from Manly front page.


Manly captain Michael Monaghan says media speculation that he would seek a release from the club if the Sea Eagles signed Melbourne Storm halfback Matt Orford were unfounded.

"I have just signed a new contract with Manly and I don't want to go anywhere - I am a player and it is up to the club to sign who they like.

Ï have no problems with Matt Orford coming to the club or any player that management thinks can help us win a premiership.

"I'm amazed that someone has written that I will seek a release when I have never said such a statement"Monaghan said.

Monaghan told coach Des Hasler and executive chairman Paul Cummings late today that he was totally committed to the Manly club.

"I have a new contract with Manly and intend to fulfil it to the best of my ability.

Ït's not my position as a player to tell my employer who they can and can't buy and I would never do that.I'm happy at Manly and if Matt Orford comes to the club it is obvious only one of us could play in the number seven.

"Where I play is up to the coach as it is every week.Sure I prefer halfback but I have played elswhere.

Ï want the Manly fans to know that I have never threatened to seek a release and won't be.

Ï love it at Manly and right now am excited at the remainder of the 2005 season with the club.We have a lot more of a noise to make yet and are seeking a couple of wins to ensure a finals position before resetting our goals,"Monaghan said.
reported by talkings sport/fox sports/manly daily.i doubt if it is all ****.

me thinks this is all wearing a bit thin with des and co and he'll be playing 9 next year-for widnes!
as long as he gets nowhere near the 7 im happy.has good defence and passion,should make a good fist of it.take the captaincy away from him and i think his game improves as well.he is too emotional a player to do both jobs.
Orford and Bell would attract up to $720,000 as a package deal and Manly might struggle to fit them both under the $3.3 million salary cap???
seems to me as though Monas has done his usual whinging sound byte for the media when things don't go his way.

Except this time he's been called into an office and the paint has blistered off the walls. Methinks the lad has been told, agree to the following media release or kiss your $720k goodbye.

Expect a flogging at the hands of Penrif is Monas has a shotgun held to his head. It's time he learned to shut up - on AND off the field.
"I'm amazed that someone has written that I will seek a release when I have never said such a statement"Monaghan said.
"Where I play is up to the coach as it is every week.Sure I prefer halfback but I have played elswhere."

*Byso makes mental note that Mata lacks comprehension skills when it suits him*
\"I'm amazed that someone has written that I will seek a release when I have never said such a statement\"Monaghan said.
\"Where I play is up to the coach as it is every week.Sure I prefer halfback but I have played elswhere.\"

*Byso makes mental note that Mata lacks comprehension skills when it suits him*

* Pepsi makes mental note that Byso should perhaps read between the lines and maybe some "suggested" trhat monaghs makes that statement to put out yet another Monaghan lit Bush Fire!
Who cares guys. Monaghan will make a very, very good Hooker. Sue said so himself earlier in the year & I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, in that position, I think he would be worth every penny Manly has paid him. He would be (with a bit of bulking up), very much like Buderus.
*Byso makes note that some posters tend to only read what they want to and leave the facts out of a good story, These posters may be better off writing for Rebecca Wilson*
byso - you amaze me with your stupidity sometimes.

I really can't believe that you can't understand that I'm suggesting the release was written for Monaghan and that he was strong-armed into having it put out.

Also, who is this Ryan person. Surely it's not the same Ryan J Winter that is a conga line regular on ME and seems so full of light and positivity over there?
how much more evidence do you need that they dont want him is des's job on the line.he does not want monaghan at 7.what you and i think is irrelevant.they want an alternative.this soap opera is not being staged for comic relief.
If you've read anything I’ve written over the last 2 weeks you'll notice I’m HAPPY for Orford to come to manly at No7.

I have conceded that Orford is a better option.

If we don’t get Orford, Monas is the next best option.

It's the unfounded, hear-say proof character assassination that people go on with that I can’t swallow.

And you chaps call me foolish………….PLEASE!
i don think i used the word fool mate.i think you are missing the point.

the club does not consider him an option at all in the 7.

the search will go on next season if orford doesnt arrive as we cannot compete with the best with him in the 7.they have a duty to find alternative solutions.if anyone seriously thinks he could take a manly side to a premiership they have lost it.why do people think clubs run around paying 500k for halfbacks.because you dont win without a real good one.

where is all this emotion coming from.he has been an eagle for 18 months and is an average player playing out of position.he has hired a dickhead manager and is not averse to speaking out of school.i am right in saying there was nothing like this going on when parra almost got beaver.bewildering.
Have a look at the betting this week byso.the answer is there in black and white.they will continue to look for alternatives.they have no choice.

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