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formal offer-fox sports.


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Jul 16, 2004
Mata - LoL. The reason I go over there instead of here is because fo two reason only.

1. This site is VERY colourful, with moving parts & stuff. It's not very discreet at work, and I sit in what you'd almost name an expressway...HeHe..It annoys me no end.

2. This site locks up between screens to think about things. Therefore, if I am approached by my boss, I can't just minimise it, as my system blocks everything whilst waiting.

I asked Danners for a forum section that is only in black & white, so we can get into it more.

At home, my computer P3 550 takes about 5 minutes to bring anything up from this site, so I don't bother.

Trust me mate, if I had an option, you know where I would be. The reason for this is so:-

I can have a levelled argument about a player, his givings & misgivings, without it degrading to a personal slanging match here.

I appreciate the majority of peoples opinions on this site, and count you as friends.

I knew this would be the feeling about me, but I hope this clarifies things for you fellas.

Also, I'm trying to be as positive as I can at the moment. I know we have had some very difficult weeks, but I think the club knows who it wants, and at least they are taking a direction towards that.

On this topic though...Monnas is a shocker with the media. That statement would NOT have been written by him in my opinion only. He needs some dead set lessons in how to react to media hype etc.
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