Dylan Walker signs with Warriors for 3 years

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We never got value for money with Dylan - injuries, suspension and playing out of position.

He always gave his all IMO and you can’t ask for more than that. Good luck to him - I doubt he has much of career post footy so hope he picks up the good dollars while he can.


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He has a good footballer's skills but not a good footballer's brain. I wish him all the best with the Warriors and hope he has some really good years there. Most of all I wish him peace and a happy family life. I believe he has a good heart but struggles with some long held demons.

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At least we wont have to hear the Walker to Centre arguments anymore. Love the guy but seems the other centres in the game outgrew him. Always a competitor and tough player. Anyway more coin in the bank for Des.


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We never got value for money with Dylan - injuries, suspension and playing out of position.
Pretty sure some of his deals were well reduced due to Manly sticking by him during various off-field 'complications', so probably worked out even in the end. Especially if he helps Manly to a premiership this year.
I really detest the system that allows players to sign contracts a year out.

The question is how much will Dylan be committed to our cause now? If he is not we need him go head to his new club and give guys a go who WANT to be here!
Far better having it out in the open than the fakeness the AFL players and clubs play out every year around trades.

It's a complete joke, and most AFL fans admire the way the NRL handle it.

Dunder Mifflin

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He's had plenty of ups and downs with us over the years but im honestly kinda sad to see him go. It was nice having a player that could fill in in so many spots rattling around the club and I liked his impact up the middle last year. Guess only time will tell whether his form will drop now that hes secured a deal. All the best to him.
Agreed so who covers that utility spot now? He is a good player walks he just had his issues but credit to him he went to the 14 and became one of the best in the comp last year

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Going to the Warriors is probably a good fit for him, wont have the blowtorch of scrutiny that you usually get playing for a Syd club. Lets face it, the expectation of the Warriors winning a premiership in the next few years is pretty low, and with that comes a mindset of trying but not giving it your very best.


he has TRANSformed into a good middle forward on the field but still a flog off it. he can join the grub AFB at the warriors
Oh & you know personally he's a flog off the field do you, apart from reading the news?? Typical comment from a Walker hater lololol.

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I'm mixed on this. In someways, it makes sense to let him go due to his asking price. He is no world beater, but he can certainly attract 600+ a season...

On the other hand, he has been really strong at 14 and although he comes off the bench, he pretty much plays 60 minutes so for a forward, that's good minutes. He is dangerous around the tired forwards and I thought he showed plenty in defence (particularly against Souths in the semi-final last year).

I also feel kinda sad that he never really strung consistent football together. I remember he was exceptional in 2017 for us at centre. Then he had some bad injuries and made poor choices off the field and we've never really got 2-3 good years in a row from him.
Im not happy he's going he has been great for us, very dynamic off the bench. Fast strong with good passing selections he really troubled the opposition especially in that last storm game we played. Great x factor that will be missed... its also a shame like you said he never got to play to his potential for a few years due to various reasons.

He will be a big loss from 2023 onwards i doubt we can find someone equal to Walker. Lawton is good but nothing like Walks

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Geez I don't mind people liking a player, but one of the best in the comp???? Credit to him going to 14??.. IMO he was lucky to be at the club let alone be 14
One of the best 14 for sure. Watson peachy and walker clear stand outs not the best in the entire competition my guy.

Dont you think he played well in the 14? I think you'll find most did
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Would Schuster be an option?
I dont know i dont think he's fit enough for that role unless its tailored to his style of play. I think he's best suited where he is on the edge with Foran. He will only get better and can slot in at playmaker during attacking raids like he did last season.


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One of the best 14 for sure. Watson peachy and walker clear stand outs not the best in the entire competition my guy.

Dont you think he played well in the 14? I think you'll find most did
mate Ill give you he went well...but for the $$$ he is on and for the minutes he plays, not my favourite and hasn't been for years.....Frees u some cash and maybe we secure more of our juniors.
There is no doubt Walker is a complete goose off the field. However as a 14 for us he is high quality - probably the best 14 in the game. He will be great again in that role this year if he gets injury free. Would have loved to keep him 1 more year but a three year deal is just crazy. Warriors totally deluded thinking that he stays injury free or relatively injury free for three more years after this year!

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