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Darcy Lussick V Hodges ..


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Sep 8, 2010
Just another thing that I found funny here...the Sloth was looking to dive and throw the fight....when he did, it was Hodges only decent punch as the uppercut collected this excuse for a fighter, who basically fell into it....

sean john

Manly Til I Die
May 25, 2015
Even lucas browne has come out and called Aussie boxing a farce and a circus prior to this bout. Hodges pocketed 30k for fighting a nobody. A nobody that couldn't even last a min in the ring. Browne has stated that in the past he has only been paid 3k for fights against some of the world's best heavyweights. Aussie boxing has become a novelty and it's no wonder that real boxers are slowly dying out here.

double hoops

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Aug 27, 2013
So I guess things can get worse in boxing than Don King. Absolute disgrace.
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Parra Trolls are the best.
Dec 11, 2010
So Hodges punches the guy in the back of the head with a right, then he is a sitting duck.
Pretty poor really.


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Jun 17, 2010
That bloke looked like he was handicapped.
How he's allowed to box at a professional level is beyond me and Hodges should have walked.
Does he need 30k?
Says a lot...
Absolute disgrace is Hodges.
There’s no way that bloke should’ve been allowed in the ring.


Sausage roll eating keyboard warrior.
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Jun 17, 2010
In Hodges' defence (something I never thought I'd say), he did look suitably embarrassed. That said, he's a clown and will end up in a world of hurt if he ever fights someone with a vague idea of what he's doing.
The only out I could give Hodges is if he hands over the alleged 30k he was paid to charity.


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Aug 4, 2010
Hodges is fighting Darcy Lussick next. Lussick isn't doing it for the money, he just wants to punch Justin Hodges in the head....

Former Manly hardman Darcy Lussick promises victory over Justin Hodges
JAMIE PANDARAM, The Daily Telegraph
October 25, 2019 8:03pm

Darcy Lussick has guaranteed a victory over Justin Hodges when the two former NRL hardman meet in the boxing ring in December, and if he doesn’t he faces an embarrassing predicament.
“Darcy will be walking home if he doesn’t beat Hodges,” Lussick’s father and trainer Jason said.
The two heavyweights will clash on the undercard of the Tim Tszyu v Jack Brubaker fight on December 6 at Darling Harbour’s ICC Exhibition Centre.
“I’m going to win,” Lussick declared.
“We haven’t seen what Hodges (2-0,2KO) can do as a boxer because his two opponents have been poor,” he said, before Jason added: “It’s a bit embarrassing”.

Lussick is hard at work for his professional debut. Picture by Sam Ruttyn.
Lussick is hard at work for his professional debut. Picture by Sam Ruttyn.
Hodges’ two previous opponents, Rob Baron and Troy McMahon, were both debutants and easily outmatched but Lussick said he would be in tip-top shape for his professional boxing debut.

“I’m training three times a day, I’ve got a good seven weeks and I’m going to be well prepared,” Lussick said.

“There’s plenty of people who will want to see me knock him out, but there will also be plenty of people wanting to see me get knocked out.”

Lussick left the NRL under controversial circumstances when he and Jason - respectively playing and working for the Manly Sea Eagles - verbally clashed with then coach Trent Barrett before Darcy was given an early release.

He joined the Toronto Wolfpack and has helped them get promotion to the English Super League for next season.
Lussick was known for his fiery temper on the field.
Jason Lussick, a notable security figure in Sydney who has protected international royalty and celebrities as well as local billionaires, will train his son for the fight.

“I’ve got three boys and I taught all of them how to throw punches from a young age,” Jason said.

“When he was younger I had him training with Johnny Lewis, but footy took over and he concentrated on that, but we’ve tried to get fights in the past couple of years and it hasn’t worked out.

“Hodges will know how to prepare as an athlete because he’s played footy at the highest level, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to prepare as a boxer going by his last two fights, if you can call them fights.
“If Darcy loses he’ll be walking home.”
Hodges, 37, is eyeing an eventual showdown with State of Origin rival Paul Gallen, but will need to dispatch of Lussick to have any chance.
Lussick, 30, is on a mammoth three-year deal with Toronto worth a reported $450,000 a season.
“I don’t need the money, I’m not doing this for money, I just want to test myself,” Lussick said.
“I do have a lot of respect for boxing. You switch off for one second in league, and the other team scores a try. You switch off for one second in boxing and you get knocked out.
“It is much tougher sport than rugby league.”

Ron E. Gibbs

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Jul 29, 2004
He never consistently lived up to his potential with us, but I always had a soft spot for Darcy and I'm glad he's doing well with the Wolfpack. And if he brings an end to Justin Hodges' boxing "career", I'll love him all the more.


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Mar 28, 2018
Bit of a size difference no?

I saw Darcy having a feed at Chargrill Charlie's in Mona Vale a couple of years ago & he is one big unit up close.

I hope he irons Hodges out.

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