Coach Seibold thoughts so far.... so good

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I understand the thinking behind it,you don’t want Seibold just coaching for his career and being short sighted with everything he does,like Des was.But what’s the rush?Nobody is chasing him and if they are,so be it.They didn’t make the finals last season and whilst they look a little better this season,they still have the same issues they had.

I’d assume it would be for future retention and recruitment. The club would want a clear vision as to who’s in charge and Seibs would want to be planning long term strategies knowing he is going to be the main man.
Ive liked everything he’s done so far and think it’s a great move to have him on board long-term.


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Mestrov and Siebold have an open agreement to start contract discussions after round 10 - which roughly equates to 'when you have 18 months left on your contract/half way in lets chat and see if we want to keep working together'.

Seems like a pretty standard approach to how an employer and employee would work cohesively and openly to me - doesn't feel like Mestrov thinking 'oohhh we've started well, lets give him an extension!'

Having said that, I personally am heavily in favour of an extension - as it gives the team and the coaches clarity and commitment. THIS is our project for the next 3-4 years. We are on board, you are on board, lets go get a premiership!

There is no better alternative out there that I can see.

In the long run, I still think DCE is the coach in waiting to win us our premiership in the 2030's.... So investment in his coaching growth/pathway is critical.

May be worth a different thread - but what do you think the 'perfect pathway' is for a veteran to retire and become a coach? SHould they stay at the club and take on juniors? Or seek an apprenticeship under one of the greats (Bellamy etc?) before returning one day as the white knight?

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We are tracking okay at this stage. One very poor performance (Dragons) in six starts with a very tough draw is good. Its how we perform against sides out of the top 6 sides that will be the test. This test starts again this weekend. Jon Clarke has done a great job. Our boys displayed tremendous fitness and resolve on the weekend notwithstanding the adversity they faced with a lack of possession and field position late in the game. They need to build on this start.


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Any of these three below us could be above us next week. Its too early to call it hey.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 213905.png


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Any of these three below us could be above us next week. Its too early to call it hey.

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Then we return to 11th or 12th, which is where we have been the past few years. Same story over and over again. Seibold isn't a bad coach, but we aren't winning a comp with him, or this roster any time soon. We should have kept Flanagan and sent Seibold off to St Merge.

Ron E. Gibbs

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I mean, despite a very tough schedule we've played some good footy this year, and have shown real signs of improvement. But we've also shown signs of all the old weaknesses as well: giving up big leads, poor options in attack, poor defence on the line, etc.

Overall, it looks like we're trending in the right direction, but it's a long season and really, it's just too early to tell. I like Seibold well enough, if only because at least I can understand him when he does press conferences, but I wouldn't be rushing to extend his deal just yet.


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I'd be extending 1 year for now if that could be agreed by all.
For me it’s not so much about the length of the extension, but more the quantum of payout if we elect to terminate early. Eg a 2 year extension and 6-9 month payout if we were to terminate for convenience would be fine.


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I pray that this guy proves me wrong. I really do want to have you guys say you were way off Jerry. I just don't get that vibe from him. I get the talk the talk vibe. The kind of guy who pulls a player aside & has a heart to heart with them instead a spray in front of their peers embarrassing the bloke. Sometimes that may be the correct call but a lot of the time footy players that thrive on ego & testosterone need a reality check & to be held to account in front of the playing group.

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I'm pleased so far but the litmus test is where we are at by round 13. We have an incredibly tough draw so we can't afford to loose to the St George or the Titans.


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I reckon Seibold has shown great growth in 2024 and the only "Pathetic" performance was the St Illawarra game.....I mean that Eels game had glimpses of a Premiership contender and the NZ game was a definite pass mark.
There has been some leads given up which is a concern, but then with the team still growing as a whole and being very competitive in general play in all but 1 game, I think Seibold deserves a 7/10 thus far....but the season has a LONG way to go and Im only really adding a rating due to the thread....a more fair indicator would be R12 or so.


Let’s all have a chew!
I'm pleased so far but the litmus test is where we are at by round 13. We have an incredibly tough draw so we can't afford to loose to the St George or the Titans.
Do we tho? From here out we go
Titans a
Eels h
Raiders h
Phins a
Broncos magic round.

If we are a legit contender (and performances v East’s, eels, Wahs and Pen indicate we are) we should win out until the Broncs game at least. Whether we do or not is another thing. But certainly this part of draw I wouldn’t deem incredibly tough. Following that we have a couple tough ones tho.

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