Brian Smith just resigned

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Hi all just heard that Broan Smith just quit! Bugger, there goes my bet for Parra and the spoon...
damn! oh well I am not a smith fan, so wonder whether he will start up at newcastle early?
It will be interestingly who will replace him, the 2 assistants (Sharp, jason taylor) have both left or will be leaving soon. Poor Parra it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch
I bet the newcastle players are looking forward to his arrival next year :lol: :lol: :clap: :clap:
Who is the Jersey Flegg coach at Parra. He might just have a meteoric rise.

The sign on the Parra club - LAST ONE OUT TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!!!! :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:
Fitzgerald's idea of signing Hagan before the season even started was always going to end in tears. Smith is to black & white for it it to have ended any other way.

The other coaches that have been punted prior to the seasns end all have shades of grey that enable them to mask their true feelings.
There is plenty of unease in Canberra as well. Lang at Penrith is better off - though punted the players are sticking win him and are playing well to prove a point.

To hear that Hagan and Elliot are encouraging players to sign with the 'new' clubs can't be helping their current ones.

Imagine how we would feel if Des was sweet-talking Lyon or some other star to play for another club whilst still coaching Manly!!!
Eels' coach quits

May 15, 2006 - 5:19PM

Embattled Parramatta coach Brian Smith has resigned effective immediately, according to the NRL club's website.

The Parramatta website said the club wished to advise that head coach Smith had resigned today.

The Board of the Parramatta National Rugby League Club will meet tonight, where a replacement for Smith will be discussed.

"I informed the players, staff and management team of my decision earlier this afternoon," Smith said on the website.

"In assessing the situation, it has become apparent that someone else should be at the helm to guide the team in future matches.

"It is a very sad day for me as I have given 10 years of service to the club, but my decision is based on what is best for the club."

Parramatta has only won two games so far this season with the club reaching an all-time low with player in-fighting during the recent defeat to Canberra.

Smith is contracted to coach NRL rival Newcastle from next season with Knights mentor Michael Hagan due to take over at the Eels from 2007.

Parramatta were the minor premiers in last year's NRL competition. But after the 10th round at the weekend, the Eels were ranked 13 out of 15 teams.

Parramatta have won only two out of nine matches this season.

Smith yesterday admitted to being "seriously concerned" that Parramatta at not being in the eight, but made the point that the music didn't stop until the end of 26 rounds.

Smith will take over as coach of the Newcastle Knights next year. He will be replaced by Newcastle coach Michael Hagan.

Illawarra 1984-1987
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Parramatta 1997-2006
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Dally M Coach of the Year - 2001
Can't say I have too much sympathy for Parramatta.

Hows this : A guy I work with is a diehard Parra supporter. He's so disappointed with their form , that last week he phoned Centrebet ( where you can create your own bets). He asked them what odds were available for The Eels to finish "2nd last". He was quoted 80/1 ! Without hesitation , he outlayed $100.00. I hope he wins.
Brian Smith has impressed me as a person over the last year or so. It is obvious to me he has much more integrity and ability than all the parra heirarchy. The situation he was put in was an absolute disgrace and a giant joke that has backfired on them. Great stuff I say! :)
Brian Smith, totally overrated. Had plenty of cattle, never got them over the line. Always ready with the 'intellectual' excuse for the simple game. Newcastle to go belly up next year. I hate Parramatta anyway

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