Big Change at MSE

The Wheel
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Just tried to log onto MSE, there is a countdown clock sitting at about 40 mins until the new site is launched.

The excitement is unbearable, what delights will be on show now

Canteen Worker

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I had to laugh.

The countdown clock got to zero and then it reset itself to 30 minutes.

Talk about a let-down. I can't handle the suspense.

I am getting ready for the 20 posts that will follow:

Great post Aaron!

Love your work Aaron.

Great site - best ever!


Manly is the best team and has the best site!

Great stuff Aaron!

I love you Aaron etc

I hope it does match up to th hype but it will be funny to read the resonse. :lol:


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ha ha just blown out to 25 min again - professionalism at it's best! Zorba must of forgot to load something


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Now down to 15 mins, right when I was going to renew my membership. I will wait a few days till they iron out the new site, I think.



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Isn't this reminiscent of the launch of the last new MSE?

I'm told monkeys only have to touch an electric fence once to learn their lesson.

Jatz Crackers

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I will always remember where i was on this day at this hour. Just like the World Trade Centre & Princess Diana & The Kennedy assassination.

Canteen Worker

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Ii don't mind the look and think it looks more professional.

I do notice that the news features are stronger and that there is a link to the Manly Daily articles that appear. That can only be good.

Well done is my verdict though I am not sure what all the fanfare was about or what happened to the countdown clock.


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Its like the old chestnut.

Q: How do you keep a fool busy for 24 hours?

A: I'll tell you tomorrow.

Canteen Worker

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Its like the old chestnut.

Q: How do you keep a fool busy for 24 hours?

A: I'll tell you tomorrow.
I can't wait to find out!!! :lol:

I noticed a new feature: My team. I picked me team (controversially leaving a few big names out!!!!) Guess who?

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