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Kim Jong Dan
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Eh we have tried too many times. Its time to make a supporters group who is inclusive of all instead of a masonic style boys club


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The last straw was when I was told that I would never be allowed to be an eagle rocker because the \"senior members\" believe that I \"dont fit the criteria to be a Rocker as we see it\"

Now this comes down to things like letting members that were banned on ME to be allowed to post here and stay as members.
That's the most astounding piece of tosh that I've read in ages.


I found out there was a Eagle Rockers site a while ago and so then I promptly went to the site to check it out and sign up- alas it was not to be.....I must not have fitted the criteria either. I wasn't banned from anywhere or posted very much at all for that matter so God knows what criteria I had to fit ????
It didn't/doesn't bother me at all but I was just a bit miffed as to what I needed to do (or what special task I needed to undertake) in order to be a rocker.
I don't have anything against the rockers except to say what is the problem ?
I am happy to post along side any Manly supporters on a website be it OOE, ME or Eagle Rockers (those AE guys are a bit opinionated though :lol: ) as you are all Manly supporters.


Winging it
I have been to the Rockers site many times over the last 3 months and the membership link has NEVER worked. That seems pretty exclusive to me :roll: When they can do a fraction of programming maybe someone may show interest.

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To be fair someone is working on the Rockers site according to ME.

My work has net-filtered the Rocker's site though I am registered there under my old ME nic!!!
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