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I have long considered starting an Alternate Eagles Supporter group much like other clubs and groups, like the Rockers. I have held of from doing so due to the fact that the Eagle Rockers exist for this purpose. Though the problem here is that they wish to remain "exclusive" to a few rather than inclusive to anyone who wants to join as a supporters group should be. The last straw was when I was told that I would never be allowed to be an eagle rocker because the "senior members" believe that I "dont fit the criteria to be a Rocker as we see it"

Now this comes down to things like letting members that were banned on ME to be allowed to post here and stay as members.

So as I see it, that is just crazy and I am more than happy to hold onto my $5 since really you get no return for it anyway.

What this story of insanity leads to is this.
I have decided to "fly in their face" so to speak and start the Alternate Eagles Supporters group in the coming weeks instead of next season.
I am still ironing out the details of the membership and what it will get you for your $. Essentially any money will be used to put back into the site and expanding promoting this great club in our own special way.

We have a strong membership base here as it is and the site grows on a daily basis. Most people who see the site enjoy the multitude of content and features and I am hoping we can utilise this to build a strong supporters group bigger and louder than any before us.
The money you pay will go into competitions later through the season and also to pay those who put so much content into this site.

So far Some of the things you will be getting will be:

- A membership certificate with your member number
- Access to special areas of the site
- A group of like minded and passionate supporters to enjoy the game with
- Access to Supporters members forum

And more to come as we straighten it all out.

Essentially I am trying to guage interest and find out how many of you would be interested in this if it were made into being.

good to hear. The idea is that it will be inclusive of ANYONE who wants to join. The only pre-requisite is that you have to cheer for manly whether your at the ground or watching it from the couch.
That is so ridiculous that they hold some criteria like that.

If I had a choice i would go with the AE group,I would have more of a chance of fitting in I reckon
Kiwi it was very very ridiculous. I have no problem with any one of the rockers and think that some of them are top blokes. In particular Smokey, he is a top bloke.
The problem is that the attitude expressed above by them. The message was a joke to say the least.
To be honest,there are some members in particular who should be 1st in line if sense of humour transplants ever became available.

I have had numerous run-ins over nothing with some of them,but the majority seem like great people,such as Smokey,CC Eagle etc
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I have an IQ of over 35 so that rules me out of the "criteria" for the rockers. What a wank that is!! Count me in,Dan.
Good to hear others are in but lets be careful about actually personally insulting them.
There seem some great guys in the Rockers (from chatting with them on the forums etc) but it is a pity that somehow people have been excluded. (it seems a small group have blacklisted AE supporters and haven't moved on. I have noticed a few posters hoping to sort things out and it is a pity it hasn't happened. After all Manly is our team!

That said I would be happy to join the new group, with the proviso that it benefits the club and is in the best interests of Manly.

Those banners at the weekend were great and certainly helped add atmosphere at Brookie so I am in!
Yup a lot of the crowd cheered when they saw the banners. And they wont be our last. I bet others jump on that band wagon

Holiday fund, more like a new car fund.

All money will go back into the site and will be fairly transparent
i know I liked it but just thought I would make it clear. It was good to finally meet you yesterday

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