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  1. globaleagle

    *Tipping comp week 06 update. (2018)*

    Welcome to the: "Hoo boy, this'll be a tough one" round. Dedicated to: Keeping the faith, and chocolate, always chocolate. Hello everyone! Alrighty then, I'm seeing everyone is have a bit of a: and are about to do this until the season is over: But never fear, the tipping comp update is...
  2. globaleagle

    *Tipping comp week 05 update. (2018)*

    Welcome to the: "I'll see you a" round. Dedicated to: The good people of Humboldt, Sk. Hello everyone! I have a cold this week so apologies if the update isn't up to my usual hilariously low standards! However... is it safe to come back into the forum yet? Down by 2 with 10 minutes...
  3. globaleagle

    Tipping comp week 03 update. (2018)

    Welcome to the: "A cornered Sea Eagle takes no prisoners" round. Dedicated to: Raging against the machine. Hello everyone! Well, an interesting week for sure, but players have to play, coaches have to coach,puppies have to pup. Yes, we're all bored with the relentless persecution of the...
  4. globaleagle

    Tipping comp week 01 update. (2018)

    Welcome to the: "We're back baby!" round. Dedicated to: Mick Colbran and his family, plus - the road to premiership glory. Hello everyone! It's great to have the footy back! So why read this? Go watch some! Week one is done and dusted with winners already proclaiming themselves champions...
  5. globaleagle

    Tipping comp week 9 update. (2017)

    Welcome to the "Sam Burgess sucks and Micheal Buettner should go memorial round." No one had a perfect round in tipping this week; proving once again that "Pobody's nerfect." We had a few go 7 from 8 and because they are all geniuseseszzz they picked the bonus game as well giving them all 8...
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