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Recent content by Cioran

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    People who Manly should have kept?

    Zach Nicholls. Showed great promise in the juniors and would have made a pretty fair replacement for Cherry if Cherry had gone to the coast. Would probably be on half of Cherry’s coin which would have freed up more money to spend on centres and wingers. Good team player, good vision, speed...
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    [Resurrected] DCE... Myth or legend?

    Sadly true. If we give them game time and they show promise odds are they will be in Roosters or Storm colours in 12 months. Maybe why Des dropped Cust from the 17 and has been reluctant to run Schuster and Funa.
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    Is 5 from 7 achievable?

    We CAN make the 8 providing 1) a massive earth quake in Parramatta brings down BankWest stadium burying the entire Eels team under a thousand tonnes of rubble 2) 50 bolts of lightning bolts strike the Gold Coast simultaneously frying every one of the Storm’s starting 17 3) Newcastle is locked...
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    [Resurrected] DCE... Myth or legend?

    Several regular posters defend Cherry by - quite rightly - pointing out that he doesn’t have the players around him to dominate and control the game. Have a look at what Foz does in what is arguably a worse team. The only time the Bulldogs look dangerous is when Foz has the ball in his hands...
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    NON-Manly games: [Round 13, 2020]

    It’s going to be interesting to see if Barrett CAN make this team any worse.
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    Next week’s team and the rest of the season

    I expect that Des will drop Cust and put Froggy into 5/8 and probably drop Funa from the 17 to make way for Parker who will be concussed within the first 5 minutes. JetSki will probably come in to replace Olakau’atu.
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    [Resurrected] DCE... Myth or legend?

    I don’t expect Cherry to win games single handedly. What I want from a half back on his coin is that he scheme and plan and make the team and the other players on the field (ours not theirs) appreciably better. Cherry just doesn’t do that. He runs around playing his own game as best he can...
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    A good pub side

    Your underselling them. They’re not a good pub side, they’re a GREAT pub side.
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    Game Day: Manly v Warriors [Round 13, 2020]

    Don’t drop him just put him in the centre’s. He can’t play heads up footy, he can’t organise the play, and his short kicking game is poor but he can run, tackle and turn a half break into a try. He may never earn the whole million plus that we’re paying him but we will get better value from him...
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    Elliott is our regular fullback. He plays more games in the number 1 than any other player. He’s pretty safe under a bomb but he doesn’t have the speed to set up a backline movement. However, as our game plan is just to ruck the ball up through the middle third Elliott is adequate. He really...
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    Game Day: Manly v Warriors [Round 13, 2020]

    Great play by Hiku. Standing up Funa and putting his winger away. The Warriors are a good side. The Sea Eagles have got all the structure and organisation of a park football team. What the h*ll is froggy doing out there? Are we that hard up for 17 players?
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    How dumb are the warriors

    Sure this is funny but it pales into mundanity when compared to the dogs handing their future to Barrett. I’ve got no more laughter left in the tank.
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    Roosters players out tonight.

    I’m sure I speak for a lot of you when I say that I can’t understand why the NRL, apparently, bend over backward and openly break the rules to keep the Roosters winning. The Roosters have quite a small supporter base. Their endless victories can’t be converting into massive merchandise sales or...
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    Clean Out

    Agree. I hadn’t looked at it from that angle.
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    NON-Manly games: [Round 12, 2020]

    Nicho Hynes going well.

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Storm 14 12 0 2 206 24
2 Panthers 13 11 1 1 150 23
3 Eels 13 11 0 2 124 22
4 Roosters 14 9 0 5 156 18
5 Raiders 13 8 0 5 27 16
6 Knights 13 7 1 5 71 15
7 Rabbitohs 13 7 0 6 52 14
8 Sharks 13 7 0 6 44 14
9 Sea Eagles 13 6 0 7 -48 12
10 Tigers 13 5 0 8 12 10
11 Warriors 13 5 0 8 -131 10
12 Dragons 13 4 0 9 -30 8
13 Titans 13 4 0 9 -153 8
14 Cowboys 13 3 0 10 -104 6
15 Broncos 13 3 0 10 -223 6
16 Bulldogs 13 2 0 11 -153 4
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