Work Christmas party

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My company went on the Johny Cadman Cruise. About 200 ppl come along food was great. Plenty of drink.

I went with my I behaved myself. :eek:
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My company put on a lunch at work in the display area. Problem is we run a 3 shift operation 6 days a week so cant really have a 1 off dinner thing. No booze at all though :cry:
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We've had about six of them when you count up the different areas I'm involved in and throw in 2 or 3 farewells as well.

All very civilised and urbane affairs with some fine wine, good conversation and very, very good food.

No hi-jinks to report.
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Mosman Rowers for us, a nice lunch on the deck last Wednesday. Started at 12:00 PM ended at 8:00 PM. A few of us had the wobbly boot on by about 7:00 PM :oops:
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Didn't know engineers do shift work Fluffster?

Is it a fabrication work shop?

Or is it a food packaging company?
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neither we make blocks.

i dont work shift work but the operators, fitters and electricians do.
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Well if you enjoy having a chop on an Arvo wander over to Fox hills. I'll be playing quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. usually tee off at about 4.30 pm
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Ive never played on a golf course (just farm golf)

i think id go ok though, as long as it goes straight, it will go a long way.
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I was expecting a dodgy chrissie party and I got one....

The boss is very dodgy, your typical wog tightarse stereotype.

Our work party was a pissup/barbie held at the Haven. For those who don't know what the haven is it's essentially a small inlet in Terrigal. Terrigals only boat ramp is situated there as is a union field, a few small restaraunts and a picnic area. Starting at 9:30pm (in the dark!) piss was provided as was food. The thing that got me was that the Boss bought alchy for the underage workers....Now generally I don't have anything against people of 16,17 drinking as they're basically there anyway, but for the Boss to do it?

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