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I thought I might start a thread where we could swap tips on good wines.

I'm currently drinking a Jacobs Creek Reserve Cab Sav 2001. Not a bad drop though I've had better. Would go well with curry.
the merlot from the mclindens estate is perhaps the best I have ever had. The 2002 is great.

They are a boutique winery in the Hunter, but a geat wine. Their alecante bouche isnt bad either
2002 is generally recognised as a very good vintage for reds - particularly in the Barossa.

I must admit to having recently cellared some Penfolds Koonungra Hill Shiraz Cabernet 2002. I can't say how it tastes though, maybe in a few years. :p
thats a good summation. But Vicky hates letting me pick the wine, im like a kid in a candy store, ill spend at least 15 minutes to half an hour deciding on the wine.

Ive drunk many a different red now, some very expensive. Wold blass yellow label is my number one pick. it has always been a good drop and at a very reasonable price. Also it goes with most foods it seems.
im a big fan of the Wolf Blass shiraz.
Yellow label is good, but its worth the extra dollars for the platinum every now and then
I also try to make a habit of drinking my wines at 6 years - most are best that way. Even these days when they claim the wine has already matured you will find after 4 - 6 years it is much better.
nah **** that. I couldnt keep anything in my cupboard that long without drinking it.

Case of beer, gooorrrnee
scotch goooorrrne

Actually I have 3 bottles of wine in there that have been there for about a year but they will be gone before too long
I dont know if anyone has tried it but [i:c141e608d4]Chateau Verdaflore[/i:c141e608d4] is a nice "drop".
Zap its worth it. **** $5 bottles after 6 years are genereally better than $30 bottles drunk straight away.

When i move early next year im getting a wine rack that will hold about 50. I aim to fill in in 2 years. I have some getting to the 6 years now. Best wine ive ever had i got for my 18th, i drank it at 6 years.

Once you hit 6 years you will have the supply anyway.
Good strategy Fluff - I agree with you.

Though I'd be putting a Platinum Wolf Blass in the cellar for a minimum of 10.
6 is a good genereal figure, however depending on the actual wine it will vary. I dont claim to be an expert but i have recieved plenty of advice from those that do.
I agree Fluffy. But a $180 bottle of platinum should have a few more than 6 years in it.

Best wine I've had was a 14 year old Cab Sav from the Coonoowarra. beoooooooooooooootiful!!
My grandfather has a walk in wine fridge type celler thing with floor to celing wall to wall wines from all over the world. Im not too fused on the stuff myself, but, im sure as age grabs me I will understand what you all rave about. I do know that goon is apparently very effective when short on change. :D
I really like Koonunga Hill for a nightly drop and go for the Cab Merlot. I noticed that they have changed to screwtops which probably doesn't mean cellaring is a great idea.
yes i think they are designed for immediate consumption.

and mata i wish i could afford 120 for a bottle.

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