why has nobody mentioned.........


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.....the fact that the pass from Stewart to hicks to score our last try was a long way forward.

For a site that is supposed to be "real" and not just follow the party line methinks a little unbiased observation may not go astray.


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we arent talking about origin 1 will, and 2 wrongs dont make a right.

P.S. great game SOO 1, my first time at Suncorp, well worth the trip :)


Kim Jong Dan
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I thought it was forward to but I didnt really see it that clearly i wa too excited


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mate it was well and truly forward, I wasnt complaining mind you.

thats the problem with complaining about the refs, yes he got a heap wrong, which just makes him a sh!it ref, but not that he cost us the game.


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Careful Daniel, I know where you live............. well actually I dont but I thought it sounded suitably threatening ;)
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Because it wasnt Forward , its all to do with the Hands if its Thrown back form the hands , and floats forward its ok
i was just going to say what Six said, its called inertia, it happens often when a bloke as fast as stewart throws a past, he passes it backwards, and remember backwards is only 1 degree beyond sideways, then because of inertia it floats forward.

needless to say niether the touchy or the ref could keep up with hicks so **** them!

the issue re the kick off is simply a rule issue, not open to interpretation.


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Sorry Pepsi, I know what you are saying but it doesnt apply in this case, it was a relatively short pass and was going nowhere but forward.

Your second comment was a lot closer to the mark, they were too slow to keep up :)

As I said earlier, he is just a crap ref. much like the majority of them, but there is nothing more sinister to it than that
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It is hard to tell. I actually skipped back on the recording to see it a couple of times and to be honest I don't think I could have said unless I was in line with the pass at the ground.

Looks forward but is hard to tell wether it was momentum or deliberate.
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I have watched that pass on the telly and it was not forward. It was passed behind Stewart. Even Graham Murray didn't call it forward and said it was okay.
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