Who offers more go forward


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if i hear one more word from anyone defending this cat i will die of laughter,he is a disgrace to the front rowers union and to the mighty maroon and white
dont bother vegas.you'll just drag the same old suspects out of the cave.they will find some obscure statistic to fly in the face of the glaringly obvious.


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distinct lack of people out in support of the super hero this afternoon, i think that beautiful peice of dropping the ball with no one around him might hav sealed his fate,wait for it byso and kaza will defend with great honour once again.


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I don't think anyone will be venturing out of the cave today Sue. There is not one positive post over at MSE, not one. First time for everything i suppose.


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Ill give you a positive - Ashley Alberts went ok against his SOO opposite, and a fuk load better than the other centres who have stood opposite them in maroon and white this year.

BK - put in again

Thats about it though

i tried
the thing is i dont feel any remote pleasure in predicting this debacle.every person i spoke to close to the game over the last 12 months could see the same thing i saw and unbelieveably des ,bozo and crusher did too.yet we have a halfback on our books for 750k against the opinion of all those who on the one hand knew and the other could do little about it.

if we miss orford i really fear for the club.not so much because he guaranttes success(no one can do that) but simply because he gives us hope ,albeit a glimmer.players migrate to playmakers,not to clubs who run 12th every year.ask the bunnies.
i agree entirely fluffy.good young player who deserves better around him.a lot better.

king,harris,randall,monaghan- BYE BYELADS. forget the superhero going to the 9.he cant help himself.he will get in the way with his touchfootball ****.and they cant cop him anyway thank god.
is this a nightmare or what.


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Deadset - King bounced off every tackle he attempted. I have never, ever seen such a soft performance from a prop.

It was disgraceful.


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I have a 3rd option for who would offer more go forward

- Erin or any of the cheergirls

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