Who is running the asylum?


Journey Man
The Herald reports today that some Manly officials didn't want Monaghan fined for not turning up to the awards night. However, he was fined so "the club was seen to be doing something".

Some observations:

1. Is it just me or is anyone else astounded that there's even debate about the twit being fined. I say it again - no other club would put up with that claptrap from its captain. Look at the dragons' response to a player just leaving their function early!

2. Since when did the club "fine players" because a few wankers on Silvertails were having a whinge?

3. Who is the inside traitor that is leaking this sort of nonsense to the press? (I intend to find that out to be honest.)


I cannot believe that he blamed his brother for a mix up in making the booking for the week of the awards. he couldn't even take the blame himself.

If someone is going on holidays the first thing you do is check with everyone to make sure that they are free for the time. That is just commonsense.

There is little doubt that he has done this on purpose as payback to management for the mid season contract negotiations. There is also talk that he will sign a 5 fugure sum to do a story for one of the womens magazines.

It is poor leadership on his behalf and he cannot be captain next year. give it to Orford.

Management are just as much to blame as they should have given him a real fine. At least what he makes from the story.

Otherwise what will happen next year when someone doesn't follow club guidelines. Sorry I mised the first couple of games of the season because my brother booked a holiday.

Then again this is the same management that let King play this year.
Was in the paper today (Wilson in Tele so might be crap) that Tony Butterfield said on radio last week that while clubs come out in the media about fining players in reality the players in most cases dont pay the fine and that it is just PR. Bet the players are glad he let than one slip and cant wait to have a chat to him at the next players association meeting.


Journey Man
There's a News Ltd vendetta to discredit Butterfield. Obviously they don't want a strong RLPA as they're the ones that pay the bills.

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