What would you do to fix this Country!


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Without getting into a Political stoush, Can AE attempt to tackle the real issues with Australia atm.

I personally would like to see a lower tax rate which is the same for ALL incomes. Say 25%.

Then most people wouldn't try avoiding paying Tax and see less going to Polly perks.

I expect some good Ideas from Mata, CW and Zapa on this topic. It’ll be good to see others get in the think tank mix as well.

Fire away.
just to stir the pot.

- Put Costello in the labor party and get them in power :D
you know what I think.

I dont think our foreign policy is domnated too much by the US and by trying to stay in bed with them.
I want a foreign policy thats good for the country not just good for our Wallets
i think we need to invest in the infrastructure of society - health and education.

As it stands we are rapidly heading to the US where only the rich can afford education and good health.

We are slowly losing our claim as the best nation on earth. We used to be for the people - all for helping out the Aussie battler. Unfortunalty Howard is taking that away. In true Irony if Howard was born today he would not have got the same education as he did and probably never have made policitcs (he is a public school boy).
Sorry champ those two points you made fall squarely on Carr's (state)shoulders which are getting worse every year.
So your saying no funding from the federal government goes to schooling of any kind.

And no federal laws affect anything to do with education or health.

Byso you should learn what the federal government does have powers over i think.
Well these improvements require MONEY and because the CAR gov't is miss-managing it the cash isn't going to these crucial areas. Because the State gov't controls health and education. If the Car gov't wanted to make these areas a priority he would throw more money into them.

But in reality the education is a tough one because the more you give the more the Teachers take. ie 25% pay increases every 3-4 years generally demanded around election time and generally get them especially when Labor is in power..........hmmm funny that.

I wonder why they LOVE the Labor gov't. :wink:
Funny how what seemed a genuine question about improving the country ended with a dig about teacher salaries?????????? I am sure if we pay them less and take away more resources and redirect more talented people into other careers it will improve our society in a hurry. (Take a real look at Graduate teacher and nurses salaries over the last 25 years and you will find that they are significantly less than the CPI over those years!!!! But don't let facts spoil some healthy prejudice!!)

The same poster desires a flat tax rate of 25% and wants the states to pay for health and education. Where does the money come from???? Business is already paying lower tax due to the GST hoax that threw the tax burden even more heavily on the PAYE taxpayer - the luxury tax on items were cut.

The federal Govt pays the rich schools millions and NSW does not receive a fair share of Federal revenue - it gets given to the smaller states! There is huge inequity in distribution of resources. Byso, for someone who didn't want a political stoush, you have a funny way of going about it.

I am happy to make a few positive suggestions (as the current Federal Govt is bereft of them) but it will need to wait until I have some time (or does that spoil the other supposition that teachers only work a few hours each day and have plenty of time for idle pursuits???!!)
CW dont go and research any thing because then you might use specific facts, not the libs brainwashing self promotion. Byso is of the illusion that there will be no GST as per Howards comment in the early 90's and interest rates will not rise under the current government.

25% is great thinking - increase the tax on those doing it hard and reduce on the rich people - Good old lib policy at work - make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Its a real shame that people only look out for number 1.

and byso a 25% flat rate would benefit me - i managed to be educated in the labor time and hence have a good education.
Fair enough, I was making the point that fluffy's issues were related to state instead of federal. Then I couldn't help myself had a swipe at the way the teachers union ram roads the state gov't. :wink:

That's enough on my healthy prejudice though :p

And by the way don't use your air conditioners in the summer because you may get slugged extra for that too. Another Fed issue I suppose??

I make no secret that I want lower taxes. The lower you make them the less ppl will avoid paying them???? Therefore everyone's happy. You get more money, while the gov't get more back.
You know that wont work.

As if packer is going to start paying tax because the rate is not as high. He will still invest 500K on a good accountant to save $1 million in tax.

How do those in the lower bracket get more money?? Those who earn circa $30K pay about 15% tax. Now you wish to increase that to 25% and somehow they get more money.

Sounds to me like you are only thinking about the rich yet again.
I don't think you can just look at "this country". I think a global perspective is required and would take a minimum of 50 years to even get implemented. And that's certainly not going to happen whilst we have a unilateral cowboy in the White House.

Some things that would help Australia would be:

1. The cessation of ALL political donations.
2. More corporate accountability.
3. Increased accountability and cotributory expectation for wlefare recipients.
Political donations. I think Hardie's give money to one of the party's and what a farce has corporate business been over the last few years.
One thing that is missing in this country is a feeling that we are all Australians and are pulling together for a single purpose of making this a better country. Sorry Byso, I think the PM has a lot to answer for:-
- firstly by making the referendum on the republic so ridiculous that it was unacceptable to the people. I strongly believe that a united stand-alone country reinforces a community value. By it not proceeding it leaves Oz as a British state where people who are not from that background are alienated (& btw that is my background, which I am happy to forego. The British legal, educational etc values are good ones and I am v. glad they are here).
- Secondly, IMO the Libs have always run the country by a policy of division. One of the oldest and most powerful methods of control. That is, it is easy to blame others for your ills, such as solo mothers, unemployed, muslims, aborigines, class, gays, WHATEVER, so long as one other group is labelled as not being good enough. Reality is we are all in this together in one of the world’s most fantastic countries that can allow almost any amount of free thinking and life styles.

I always look at problems from the top down. Where is Australia today, what society would we like to see, where do we go from here? I know this is pretty simplistic but to me the big picture calls for a united country where we all feel we belong and then set goals.
The other thing I would change would be to give me more money
Yep a united nation.

I really don't see the division part though, except for the illegal immigrant's saga. Which went on 4 years ago.
That would work mata because all the costly resources that dont get enough funding will fall on the federal goverment and they would have no one else to blame

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