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What next?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Loobs, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Loobs

    Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

    +9,066 /306
    So if we've added Myles, Api and for arguments sake Lussick and Brown along with resigning Chez, Turbos, Gutho, Matai and Ballin, what are our remaining needs?

    Say we let Hasson, Foz, Horo, Mason and other fringe guys go.

    Our backline is fairly set, depending on what we do with 5/8. Our front row looks pretty damn good with Myles, Api and Jake Turbo, then Lussick, maybe Demetriou and Starling/BJ for depth.

    Back row looks the issue. We need a couple of legitimate line benders. We lack genuine quality behind Buhrer who is now unfortunately an ongoing injury concern.

    So what to do..?
  2. HappilyManly

    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +19,027 /367
    Goal kicker - do any of our new signings bring that rare skill????
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    • BOZO

      BOZO Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +7,352 /384
      You are right we need more line benders !!!
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      • the mauler

        the mauler Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +1,886 /30
        Shaun lane from the Dogs.
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        • mjb136

          mjb136 MWSE fanatic Premium Member

          +1,544 /34
          Gutho is a very handy Goal kicker.
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          • ManlyArmy

            ManlyArmy Well-Known Member

            +997 /26
            Don't care who we sign, as long as everytime I look at our form it says W W W W W W W W W
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            • simon64

              simon64 Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +2,547 /32
              We need a Sam Moa type front rower. A Richie Fa'aoso. Someone who doesn't know what sidestep is.

              Now Lussick can fill that role. But whoever does it, better not be getting pushed back when he hits the line.

              To be honest, I think we may be set for 2016.

              Bit disappointed Mason didn't just get to be the impact player he was meant to be due to no BJ or Starling for most of the year. He was shown to be less effective than he could have been because he was asked to do a job he wasn't recruited for and, frankly, at 35, should not have been asked to do.

              As I said, a big front rower maybe, but then put the cue in the rack.
            • sheridanstand78

              sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

              +4,863 /73
              I agree that we need an imposing 2nd rower who can bend the line. It would be nice to also get a genuinely fast back too.
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              • hozza

                hozza Well-Known Member

                +532 /16
                I actually wouldn't mind an outside back. Injury this year has proved we are fairly light on when it comes to centres. I'd get a quality youngster, someone with speed to burn. And fierce competition for spots is a GOOD thing.
                Anyway I'm sure things will work out..........
                Been a great day for positive Manly news.
              • manlyfan76

                manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                +8,041 /174
                Api can kick goals,
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                • Eagleman

                  Eagleman Active Member

                  +273 /21
                  Sika Manu would be a decent pickup at the right price. He is off contract end of this year. Can certainly bend the line, has a good offload.
                  Kyle Lovett from the Tigers is off contract too. He would be an okay pickup.
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                  • double hoops

                    double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                    +3,721 /156

                    A big front rower Tamou would do just fine.

                    We have 2nd row covered. Jake T, Lussick, Lawrence and Myles can all be that bend the line back second rower if we had some more size up front.

                    With so little spots left in the top grade. The lower grades are extremely important. A back up 7, 4 and 2 with speed has to be Ready to go.

                    Still like to keep Horo.
                  • EagleFromMay1967

                    EagleFromMay1967 Sky Punching : send them High as the Clouds

                    +1,372 /49
                    We need a mind bender in the coaching department.
                  • ShakeySeaEagle

                    ShakeySeaEagle Active Member

                    +121 /5
                    Taking stock as this is what happens at this time of the year my take on our top 25 for next season is this:
                    1. STEWART, Brett 2 more years Fullback
                    2. TAUFUA, Jorge 1 year left Wing
                    3. HIKU, Peta 2 more years Fullback/Centre/Wing
                    4. MATAI, Steve 2 more years Centre
                    5. GUTHERSON, Clinton 2 more years Fullback/Centre/Wing
                    6. LYON, Jamie (c) 1 year left Centre/Half
                    7. CHERRY-EVANS, Daly Lifetime Contract Half
                    8. MYLES, Nate 3 year deal Prop/Lock
                    9. BALLIN, Matt 2 more years Hooker
                    10. TRBOJEVIC, Jake 2 more years Prop/Lock
                    11. SYMONDS, Tom 3 year left Back Row
                    12. BROWN, Lewis 3 year deal Back Row
                    13. BUHRER, Jamie 1 year left Back Row
                    14. KOROISAU, Apisai 3 year deal Hooker
                    15. SAO, Ligi Off Contract Prop
                    16. LUI, Dunamis Off Contract Prop/Lock
                    17. LEARY, Blake 1 year left Back Row
                    18. WILIAME, Brayden 1 year left Centre/Wing
                    19. TRBOJEVIC, Tom 2 more years Fullback/Wing
                    20. HODGES, Jayden 1 year left Hooker
                    21. LAWRENCE, Brenton 1 year left Prop
                    22. STARLING, Josh 1 year left Prop
                    23. SENE-LEFAO, Jesse 1 year left Prop
                    HORO, Justin Off Contract
                    ANDREWS, Tyson Off Contract
                    BLAIR, Cheyse Off Contract
                    CHEE-KAM, Michael Off Contract
                    LITTLEJOHN, Jack Off Contract
                    SATINI, Tony Off Contract
                    WILLIAMS, David Off Contract
                    BURGESS, Luke Can look elsewhere
                    MASON, Willie Can look elsewhere
                    MATEO, Feleti Can look elsewhere
                    FORAN, Kieran Signed @ Parramatta
                    HASSON, James Signed @ Parramatta

                    If we resign Dunamis & Ligi, I would like us to sign a hard edge running back rower in Alex Glenn. Then we need to add a half for depth or development Te Maire Martin/Mitchell Cornish/Jayden Nikorima. Isaac John worst case scenario.
                  • Bird Up

                    Bird Up Active Member

                    +165 /2
                    Vave has been bending the defensive line with some big hit ups in NSW Cup for weeks! He's one of the comps top forwards for hit ups and he could be better for longer mins if he exchanged his trips to Krisy Kreme for some extra training sessions to tone up those excessive love handles he's rockin atm!

                    Berryman has been in scintillating form in NSW Cup since coming back from long term injury and is getting better and better every week, including his defense! If anyone deserves a call up atm other than Hodges, it's Berryman!

                    As much as Hodges annoys me with his excessive ball hogging, I must admit that over the last month or so it's obvious Hodges is really trying to pare back his dummy half runs and trying to learn when is the right and wrong times to run it himself!
                    No doubt his restraint has not only made him more dangerous but also more consistent and it's bringing his other backs into the game more.
                    I kinda feel sorry for the kid cos you can see he's really trying to be a better player and signing Api would probably feel like a real kick in the teeth!

                    If Penrith have released Api because he has an opportunity to secure a regular first grade position, I think he'll definetly be part of our starting 17 especially if Barrett takes over the reigns for 2016.
                    And whether he plays at Hooker or 5/8 he's a great signing for us!

                    And if Tom T is to replace Stewart at FB then he needs to start being blooded at fullback in FG!
                    Jake T is one of our most influential forwards when he's on the field and he needs to play more mins.

                    And if the bench is reduced for next year we need to start preparing our forwards to play longer quality mins a game now, not wait until preseason!
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                    • Fluffy

                      Fluffy Well-Known Member

                      +5,619 /204
                      I think we are pretty much set as the post a couple up shows with 22 players locked up and possibly Lussick on top of that, probably keeping Sao as well.

                      The only question mark is 5/8

                      I also think we are looking very good if we go to 6 interchanges, with Jake, Myles and BJ all able to play long minutes up front as well as Symonds, Buhrer, Leary and Brown able to play 80 minutes.
                    • qldeagle

                      qldeagle Well-Known Member

                      +1,230 /51
                      I've heard the NRL are looking at 8 interchanges due to player welfare.
                    • Ryan

                      Ryan Well-Known Member

                      +9,387 /402
                      Coach (Trent Barrett)

                      01. Brett Stewart
                      02. Jorge Taufua
                      03. Steve Matai
                      04. Peta Hiku
                      05. Clinton Gutherson
                      06. Jamie Lyon
                      07. Daly Cherry-Evans
                      08. Darcy Lussick
                      09. Lewis Brown
                      10. Nate Myles
                      11. Feleti Meteo
                      12. Tom Symonds
                      13. Jamie Buhrer

                      14. Apisai Koroisau
                      15. Brenton Lawrence
                      16. Jake Trbojevic
                      17. Josh Starling

                      18. Ligi Sao
                      19. Blake Leary
                      20. Luke Burgess
                      21. Tom Trbojevic
                      22. Riley Travers
                      23. Jesse Sene-Lefeo
                      24. Brayden Wiliame
                      25. Matt Ballin

                      Look at the quality of that depth. All first grade quality apart from Travers who will be developing.

                      + When Koroisau comes in to Hooker, Brown switches to backrow. That's how Barrett has been running Penrith anyway.
                      Last edited: Jul 3, 2015
                    • pjayz

                      pjayz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                      +4,270 /81
                      Sam Moa please - then we can call it a day.
                      Last edited: Jul 3, 2015
                    • sheridanstand78

                      sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

                      +4,863 /73
                      Tamou said that he would announce where he is going after the origin series, hopefully Bozo is in his ear about coming here as that would give up a very potent pack along with the other guys we have signed.

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