What does this loss mean?

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Is the loss to the Broncos just a loss against a good team or is there something more significant to come out of the game?

Are we the real deal or has this win exposed us for what we are? Have our weaknesses been exposed for all to see or was it just a bad night?
Just a bad night, we have our weeknesses but we will bounce back and will make the 8 for sure. Think about where we were 12 months back and our expectations before the season started. This loss could do us the world of good in the long run.
It has shown the Broncos are quite a few nothces above us, and we have quite a fair way to go to reach the top.
Something I'll give them is they just didn't crumble in the 2nd half even after being obviously beaten...that showed some guts with everything going wrong......something that has been missing in other seasons...(even after leading)
We will see what happens to the broncos when they play on our home turf. Look what melbourne did to them and we beat them.

The broncos played well, we started ok, our forwards lacked penetration. We lost field position early on a few bad calls - then it went pear shaped.
It' a long way from Brookvale Oval against Souths to Suncorp against Brisbane.

Not only in distance, but in standards and experience, they'll improve to the next level ,but they need match time together, collectively they have the skills we've got a new team and it takes time learn each others game. Why do you think they pick club combinations for rep matches? Because they haven't got the time in team camps to learn each others abilities and skills, so the club combination is the easiest option.
They have come so far in so little time comparable to last year.
Don't turn your backs on them they just need more time !!!

all stupid excuses. we are not good enough against good forward packs.

Dragons and Broncos smashed us and had all the ball.

were a top 8 team just.

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