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I have found it hilarious that for the last month the Manly Sea Eagles Web Site has continued to display the following heading heading the front of the Home Page:

.... we annouce the launch of our new website.

Even funnier is that noone seems to have noticed the mistake and nothing has been done to correct it. :roll:

Please don't mistake this as 'sour grapes' over who got the contract for the MSE site. For a small group of people to be given a few days to get a proposal up and get it over one who been working for months was unrealistic, especially as some on OEE admitted that the contract was signed and delivered at around that time anyhow! :roll:

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I am first to admit I make typos and mistakes - but I am not the official web-site!!!!

I am tempted to leave a mistake in this thred too to see if Byso can find it!!! :lol2:

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It's the simple things that I love on the official Manly site. Like when they named Ken Kennedy at lock. How hard is it to read over what you have written?

I wonder who writes these articles for the club :roll: possibly that answers your question WPR.


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Why not just type what they want in "Word", then use spell cheque. Then just cut & paste the original in the site....

Where is the error in my above post?

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Have a look at the spelling mistakes in the this article from MSE:

By Manly Sea Eagles

It has been a difficult weekend for the families of the 4 NRL players and 2 friends trapped in Hurricane ravaged Cancun.

With mobile phone batteries running low the pooling of news kept all families of the six Australians caught in the hurricane in Mexico up to date at all times. A telephone network set-up last Thursday between the parents and the Sea Eagles and Roosters has been brilliantly successful as the clubs handled the scores of media enquiries.

Michael and Joel Monaghan's father Stewart proved a focal point and he was in constant touch with the parents of the other boys.

Stewart Monaghan praised the support of the media in the crisis.

"They have been most helpful and caring - it got scary on Saturday night and Sunday morning but the boys are fit and healthy and supported each other.

"The navy training undergone in recent off seasons was spoken about and helped them through a tough time.

The Australians are believed to have now moved out of the car park to a Stadium 500 metres away and then onto a hotel.

"They are safe, received food and water today and they made a point of going back and taking food to young families they shared the underground car park with.

"Hopefully the will be airlifted out in the next 24 hours," Mr Monaghan said.

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