Update to last nights mess - serious

DVS Matt

I have just had Peter Peter’s on the phone to me, saying that there has been allegations (he won’t say what) against me and some other people regarding last nights mess.

He is investigating the matter and should he find that these allegations are true then he will deal with it accordingly.

I personally don’t think anyone has got anything to worry about, what happened to me was that I was deleted sometime yesterday (probably for having a bit of a joke at sidey’s or greg’s expense….nothing malicious mind you)
Then I come back under a few alias’s to find out why I was deleted, but I get no answer and continuously deleted.

Then the forum gets locked and we can no longer post.

Then I get this damn phone call on my mobile threatening me of legal action. Either someone has made purposely false allegations due to their paranoia, or someone has misunderstood something and felt offended.

Either way, I would be very very very very surprised if this amounts to something major.

What is my crime???? coming back for answers after I was unfairly (imo) banned?


UFO Hunter
Looks like your are up to the neck in it. Lets just try to keep the bitching about the club to a minimum hey fellas. Feel free to say your bit, but anything negative or derogatory towards any club officials, sponsors, players ect ect will be delt with accordingly.

Simple term, just play it safe fellas, let it wash over without causing too much of a problem. I do hope for your case though that nothing comes of this DVS.

DVS Matt

yes he did.

He said that it is only an allegation atm…….but stopped short of telling me what it was.


Journey Man
Unless you gave it to him there has been a line crossed by someone there - trust me i have been in a similar situation when at uni - uni "prank" went wrong. - funny story in the end but the student union were in deep poo.

Ill get Hopium to have a think about it if she has recovered and give you some basic advice if you like Matt.


Journey Man
She is at uni today but when i get home ill let her know (she is in final year law in case you havnt worked it out)

She likes most guys (bar byso) here and im sure will find it interesting.
Unless you gave it to him there has been a line crossed by someone there

that's what ive been thinking.. i think the fact that he got your phone number somehow is more serious thanm anything matt may or may not "have done"

DVS Matt

yeah, I was thinking that on the phone…….but I never asked him. I’m sure he will ring back and I will then follow the matter up with him.


Kim Jong Dan
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denial or admittance in a legal case of slander or defamation can be taken as guilty.

When faced with any allegations, do not ask what they are do not admit them and do not deny them.
Just wait until legal counsel is required and let them answer.

Just a simple bit of fact that could mean the difference in a liable case.


Journey Man
I think it would be crazy for the sea eagles to take any legal action - it could only bring bad press to the club.

Imagine that - Club sues supporter - RW would have a field day


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I dont know, no line has been crossed on AE imo.

I think were just trying to clear some issues up......

But we can remove these threads if you like.
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