Trbojevic ‘losing patience’ with Manly


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I agree that the outcome sucks but I have never forgotten with Foz and Des...
Mind you that probs says more about me than them... I think Siebold is the closest to a 'Manly man' available right now but I would also love to see a Brett Stewart, Gifty, Killer, Cliffy, Tooves type appointment...

DREAM TEAM - Killer as head coach with Matai as defensive coordinaor, Stewart brothers strength and conditioning coaches, Marty Bella doing pathways establishment and Tooves and Jason Kite working as recruitment and retention team...
Jason Kite?

Any relation to Brent?


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Which is why the “threat” of the Trbojevic’s leaving is BS.How do you go from wanting a clause to guarantee a coach’s survival,being knocked back,yet then signing a 6 yr deal?Obviously it’s money,so I doubt anyone is paying them the same coin,especially Jake.I suspect this story has been spun by Des
The dolphins would pay them more

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If the Penn men are looking to sell up, why would you let two of your marquee players go? If you wanted to attract further sponsor interest, why would let them leave?


Oh please, that'll do me. What right does a bloke that plays 36 games in 3 years and earns 1.1 Mil a year have a say in anything Manly. If anything he is 1/3 of the problem we can't build and recruit. You all know who the other 2/3s are. He should be on his knees thanking the lord everyday his pay cheque comes in coz we get nothing in return.


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Oh please, that'll do me. What right does a bloke that plays 36 games in 3 years and earns 1.1 Mil a year have a say in anything Manly. If anything he is 1/3 of the problem we can't build and recruit. You all know who the other 2/3s are. He should be on his knees thanking the lord everyday his pay cheque comes in coz we get nothing in return.

Media bull****..again.

Don't fall for it.


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If I could chose the coach from all available next season I'd have Hasler with Tooves as assistant.
I'm wouldn't be keeping on Donny in his current role I'd move him to scouting & pathways (Laurie Daley's position plus a bit more) I'd bring back Matty Ballin to replace Donny (If he'd come) or I'd offer wolfman the job of conditioning coach. He currently runs a successful personal training company. I'd pull them all into a meeting & nut out a two - three year plan for rebuilding the squad, culture & training programs.


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I agree to burn the family based on the direct quotes from them on the situation....please paste them here when you have them

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Here is the lastest now dragging Tom into this rabble as he "loses patience"​

Personally a Tom fan but losing patience with his lack of game time !!​

Manly superstar Tom Trbojevic is “losing patience” with the club amid a report some officials have questioned the value of his massive contract.

The Sea Eagles are in turmoil with the chatter growing louder that two-time premiership winning coach Des Hasler will be sacked by the end of the week.

The man banished by the Broncos in 2020, Anthony Seibold, has been earmarked by the Manly board as Hasler’s replacement.

But the drama on the northern beaches could be even messier had Manly caved to a request from Trbojevic and his brother Jake in 2019.

The Trbojevic brothers wanted a Hasler clause in their deals which would allow them to leave if the coach was sacked, according to the SMH.

The request was denied and the pair still signed six-year extensions keeping them at the club until the end of 2026 on deals worth more than $1 million per season.

Now some Manly officials are questioning the brothers’ value to the club, according to the SMH report which also said Tom was “losing patience”.
Tom has played just 32 games since re-signing three years ago, but the report claimed club chief executive Tony Mestrov strongly denied plans were underway to move on the brothers.

Hasler is contracted until the end of 2023 and would have earned an extension into 2024 with a top six-finish this year.

But the pride jersey fiasco derailed Manly’s season and they lost their final seven games to finish 11th.

Hasler is now considering taking legal action against the club over its role in allowing the pride jersey saga to happen.

The Sea Eagles believe they can sack Hasler now and only have to pay him a $450,000 termination fee, according to the report.
who wrote this?
this is the type of crap that wierdler normally comes up with


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Manly Sea Eagles drama has taken a toll on Trbojevic brothers​

Manly’s Tom and Jake Trbojevic fear their club is imploding, as the internal rumblings has the famous brothers down in the dumps.
Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly become any more explosive at Brookvale.

The manager of Tom and Jake Trbojevic has revealed Manly’s champion brothers fear their club is “imploding” and how the “conflict and internal rumblings” had “taken a toll” on the footballing pair.
And a brutally honest Paul Sutton, from the SFX Sports Group, said the Trbojevic brothers were “disappointed in the club’s behaviour.”
Jake is so upset he even rang Sutton to express his dismay from England, where he is representing Australia at the World Cup.

Tom is telling friends he has heard several times that elements inside the club have been bad mouthing him and believe he’s overpaid. Manly has strenuously denied this but Tom is unsettled.

“They feel that the club that they love is imploding in front of their eyes,” Sutton said. “They are really down in the dumps with the place.

“If it continues, it is wearing and once the place becomes unsavoury, what do you do? If it becomes untenable …

“Obviously you’d assume Tommy would be a Sea Eagle for life but all the internal rumblings and conflict have taken a toll on him mentally.

“He has expressed to me his disappointment in the club’s behaviour. He has expressed he is unhappy – both Jake and Tom have.

“Jake has called me from England expressing how unhappy he is with the club. It’s the same as with Tom, this has taken a toll on him.

“All this has probably changed the narrative in terms of how they felt in the past.”

Sutton added: “We haven’t spoken to any other clubs.”

The Trbojevic brothers are local juniors who are adored by the club’s supporter base.

Manly’s pride jumper fiasco, the club’s horror late-season capitulation and now the impending sacking of coach Des Hasler has Jake and Tom rattled and aggrieved.

The brothers previously would never speak negatively about Manly. Now the pair is wide-eyed and mature, that stance has changed.

Jake and Tom are on contract at the club until the end of 2026. Tom continues to hear external suggestions that the club’s desire to keep him is waning.

“No one from the club has told Tom that personally but he has heard it a number of times,” said one friend. “He is hearing things, he’s not stupid and it’s not ideal.

“It would take a lot to happen but Tom would leave if that was the case. He has just come back from holidays and wishes he was still overseas.”

He also feels saddened and disappointed over the treatment of Hasler, on his way out of Manly to be replaced by Anthony Seibold.

Hasler and the Trbojevic brothers share a close bond. Both have publicly backed their embattled coach.

It appears likely Hasler’s reign at Manly will end by the end of this week with the coach either to resign and receiving a pay out or being sacked by the club.

Hasler could continue in 2023 – he has a contract – but does not want to coach under the stipulations imposed on him by club management.

Posted it for people saying the media is making this up their manager is quoted in the story.

PS Can't wait for Des to be sacked party time. Penn should then sell up and DCE can piss off with the fulton clan and we get our club back.

If Tom and Jake want out they can go also as long as they take their useless brother.
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Who the f#ck are these managers and why should they be making statements now.... It has absolutely f#ck all to do with them and they don't need to put fuel on the fire. Whose mates are they??? which camp do they belong in??... and by the way Danny Weidler can f#ck off also.

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