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Interesting to read that Travis Burns expects to play first grade next year as either 5/8 or hooker.

He'll certainly need to improve on yesterday's performance in Premier League.

Mind you he wasn's alone. There were only two players who could hold their heads up after that disgraceful belting by Canberra. Matai tried hard even though most of the time he was playing on one leg, and Cuthbertson was ok.

The rest were embarassing.

I really thought that Toove's boys would have come back this week after last weeks 52 to 12 wacking by St George.

Two beltings in Premier League and a belting in first's been a long week. What a relief the season is over!!!
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I dont know were Burns would fit in, he doesn't impress me much.

Looks like Toovey couldn't get the lads to perform again.


It would be interesting to see if he was given a go. Except I thought he was a halfback not a 5/8?
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Good to hear that Matai went okay in PL because he was completely out of his depth last weekend in the top grade.
Burns will play 1st garde this year, I don't know what position, but he will. He is small, but he can tackle and is a creative, confident player. With a good off-season full of muscle building, sprint training, practice with the big boys etc. he'll make 5/8 his own (unless we buy Dykes or another experienced 1st grade 5/8 or Hooker)
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Burns is a great talent but apparently he is very high maintenance off the field! I hope that the right influences come into to play so Burns is not considered "Of great potential but ......"

Our club must develop the strategy to look after these young players and assist them to handle the fame, spotlight and aura of moving from schoolboys to stars in a very short time!!!
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From what i've seen of Burns he is a pretty strong defender, throws himself at the line, and can make the odd break with the ball. Unfortunately I don't see him having a great kicking or passing game. I hope he continues to improve and does become a regular first grader, but at this stage I can't see it, hope i'm wrong.
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He is not exactly quick off the mark either, however he would have to better than playing 2nd rowers there.

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