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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Pittwater Legend, Mar 8, 2013.

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    As Brisbane are my most hated team it always feels like a grand final victory when we beat them. Tonight was extremely satisfying especially since it is the only time we play them this year.

    In recent years we have struggled to put in good performances against some teams. For some reason we always seem flat when we play the Sharks.

    But when we play Brisbane I swear we transform into a football team that is capable of stunning attacking football. I think back to 2011. We thrashed the Broncos 34-10 (6 tries to 1) with a talented performance. The most unforgettable moment that night was when Brett pulled off a stunning one hand scoop to a support player whilst diving for an infield kick. His freakish one handed pass in motion allowed Cherry-Evans to stroll in for one of the easiest albeit stylish tries he'll ever score.

    In 2012 we cut the Broncos to shreds to score 4 fantastic tries through the hands. Jamie Lyon topped it off with a neat flick inside for David Williams to score after Matai had tore them apart on the left side of the field. This is the try that won us the game in the dying stages after we had trailed for most of the match. In contrast the Broncos were physically dominant for most of the match but ended up scoring 3 of their 5 tries through kicks as they couldn't break us through the middle.

    Fast forward to tonight and again we have sunk the Broncos with some really skillful play. I was expecting a rusty performance but it never eventuated. Those four tries tonight were fantastic especially when Cherry-Evans took on three players to charge over the line. The only sour note is that Brett Stewart didn't get a try for himself.

    Is anyone else loving our clashes against Brisbane? They must never feel comfortable when they lead us as we always seem to come back. In 2009 they led 16-0 only to lose 20-22. Last year they led 22-14 late in the game before we stole the result. Tonight they led 14-6 at halftime before we blew them away in the second half.

    Being Brisbane's bogey team? I'm happy with that.

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