Toughed it out


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Ground out the win. Put them to bed with a minimum of fuss.

Can't really ask for more really.

Saturday will give us an indication of where we stand.


Yeah, i thought Neumann went well for his first hit out. Wasn't our best performance but it will do. The broncos defended quite well I thought.

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Hicks annoyed me the way he angled infield with the ball under his arm instead of drawing and passing. We would have scored at least twice more had he done so.


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What's up with Orford's kicking? Is his right leg stuffed or something? No distance at all and hios conversions were apparently dribbling throuygh the posts like a soccer goal?

The Wheel
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They dropped their guard a bit and played like millionaires with the ball in the 2nd half. Penalities kept the Broncos in the game in the first.

Overall an adequate performance


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Agree with that wheel, every single time we worked our way up to mount some pressure on their line, while trying to pin them there we just kept giving penalties away. It was frustrating to say the least because if we had have mounted the pressure without letting it off so easily the score would have been a lot bigger.


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I think there is definitely an issue with Orford's leg. In recent weeks when he has had to execute kicks that require oomph (6th tackle, line dropouts, goal kicks) they have mostly had pretty poor results. His short kicking game has still been good but that doesn't require as much power.

This will be a concern against better opposition where the extra metres really count.


definately think Travis/Monaghs should take up the long kicking duties,

Orfords close range kicking, hitting he post, kicking to force drop outs etc was excellent however.


Journey Man
can have, his kick last night was ordinary.

Monas and burns should slip into first and second kicker for long kicks, like monas did when orford got tackled on the last twice last night. When Orford gets his kicks going ok again then he can become primary kicker.

We have the depth and skills range to be flexible, quite simply the best man for each job should be utilised where possible

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