Tommy T Injured - usa bound

Feast yer eyes ..
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Sometimes you only need to read the first sentence of a report to predict its veracity. From some place called SEN:

Manly superstar Tom Trbojevic has suffered another lower leg injury, straining his hamstring in a preseason training session with the Sea Eagles.

Lower leg?

I thought only maths teachers were fussy about the details ... English teachers like .. close enough ..
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More from the [email protected]

Trbojevic, 26, has only played a total of 44 of 97 Manly games since 2019 and the stats show without him the Sea Eagles only win 30 per cent of their games.

Although his list of injuries extends beyond hamstring issues, he has had six in the past three years, along with shoulder, knee and pectoral injuries.

This season he did not play again after suffering a shoulder injury in round 11.

He then missed the World Cup to concentrate on his pre-season preparations for Manly.

While the club is waiting for confirmation on the degree of the damage, it is potentially a massive setback for new coach Anthony Seibold who recently took charge of his first pre-season at the club after taking over from Des Hasler.

Most hamstring injuries usually result in a 4-8 week stint on the sidelines unless surgery is required. Manly’s first trial game is against South Sydney in eight weeks in Gosford on February 10 while the Sea Eagles face Canterbury in their season opener on March 4.

Reuben Garrick is the most likely replacement for Trbojevic should he face an extended break, having filled in for the star for most of this season.
Happy new year from Turbo. I'm now more interested to see how Seibold goes without Turbo and to show Penn his premiership calibre team with another coach isn't so premiership material.
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Maybe just should have constant strapping on any suspect areas when training at any capacity . Also maybe to consider the type of training management that Snake eventually reverted to in order to preserve his knees and body . More through warm up and stretching exercises , anything that might help the situation . Past the stage now where he can just expect to train normally and without some better precautions , Almost at the chronic stage unless he or the medical and training staff can come up with something better for him and some changed training procedures
In for the long haul.
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Only STHS & Rooters can MEDICALY retire players , we are not allowed
I suspect Tommy would have to want to retire for the Club to do that.
And why would he? He's getting a million bucks a year for doing the exact same thing as me ... not playing NRL.
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I just thought of a positive! Seibold & Co will have to steel the whole team to win, rather than rely on Turbo to make things happen.
Make a bloody good cake. If we get some icing on it later, all the better, but at least we'll have a good cake.
(Sorry @Bearfax ) @:D

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