To Eaglei and Dowds


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You gave AE an absolute carve up on ME.

You are an ignorant fool and I look forward to you saying it to my face or the many other regular AE posters who go to games next time

Yet again AE doesn't have an issue with the Rockers. but "some" rockers certainly have "issues" you and Dowds are them!

Get over it! You aren't helping you're agendas!

PS......Eaglei at least you used you're regular username this time. Well done!

Kiwi Eagle

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I saw the initial post and was annoyed so I put one up too. I take it there were more responses then. When I came back it was delelted


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Dowds came back supporting eaglei and basically said that AE are crap and were not real supporters. Also don't like how we have banners at games. Apparently we shouldn't have the site name on them. I guess he's sick of seeing our name on TV when he watch's the games.

These posters are fools and are not helping there cause imo. Which is to discedit AE. There fighting a losing battle. They are only discrediting themselves.

The level of support Daniel recieved when AE went down from the many posters from all sites was nothing short of amazing.

These chaps probably still think that Australia is still at war with japan!
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Dowds is entitled to his view - though he is wrong. Get over it and get on with supporting our team.

If you don't like a site, don't visit - simple as that.

DVS Matt

lol, if i did everything that the rockers say i should do i would be following the Rabbitohs, coming out of my house on day release, restricted to the western side of brookie, drink my beer with only my left hand, must always get out of bed on the right hand side etc etc.

just ignore these people.


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Matt I was directing my view to the posters I mentioned. But you are entitled to you're view!


Kim Jong Dan
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byso ?? Matt was agreeing with you.

Matt arent you not right in the head too :D :D :D j/k mate.

Yeah it means little to me if they dont like it, i do and many others do, our tv coverage is going great guns too


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Mattt knows I think he's a good bloke......I just don't want it to become a Rocker v AE thing.

btw Danny hows our advertising budget going for this year? hehe


Kim Jong Dan
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we are still well below our budget! but the coverage we are getting is urghum GOLD!

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