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Tipping comp: "Ask not what Silvertails can do for you…"

Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by Chip and Chase, Feb 26, 2013.

By Chip and Chase on Feb 26, 2013 at 9:12 PM
  1. Chip and Chase

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    With a new season of NRL dawning, we all know the best place to keep up to date with all the drama, excitement and controversy: Silvertails! However, the site upkeep requires a bit more than just the time and labour cheerfully donated by Daniel and a couple of his cronies (helpers). It needs a little cash … and so, my fellow Sea Eagle supporters, ask not what Silvertails can do for you, ask what YOU can do for Silvertails…

    And the answer is easy: just enter the Jan Davis Memorial Tipping Competition, it is now open!
    As you all know, Silvertails has no joining or membership fees. This is important so that the site can be accessible to as many fans as possible, not only for the latest news and gossip, but also to contribute news and views ourselves.
    The result of this open access is that Silvertails is a frequently-vibrant on-line community. A community united in following the fortunes of the mighty Manly Sea Eagles, but otherwise comprising a varied group with disparate interests, backgrounds, and political beliefs. We even live in different parts of the land. And the world! All of which makes for a lively, entertaining, and at times illuminating meeting place, somewhere in cyber-space. Many of us check in daily to see what's going on. So … how would we fare without Silvertails? Fortunately we don't have to consider that scenario. However, you can do something this week to support the site in a very meaningful way.
    The Silvertails tipping comp is named in honour of Jan Davis. Jan - aka 'Corso Jan' - was a lifetime Sea Eagles supporter who passed away in March 2009 after a long battle with cancer.
    The tipping comp entry fee is $25. The fees go towards ensuring Silvertails remains afloat and fully functioning. In addition, part of the money raised each year is also donated to a charity, as a more practical tribute to the memory of a wonderful person and wonderful Manly fan.
    Aside from all that, the tipping comp can be a lot of fun. In fact, it has the potential to change lives…
    Here is Clint, the reigning Jan Davis Tipping Competition champion, discussing the impact of his mighty victory in 2012:
    "My whole life I have not been unlike Greg, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. A kid, that no matter how hard he tries, he just does not fit in with the cool kids. Growing up was a massive challenge in itself. Picked on, shot down, really a bit of a loner.

    Well I am pleased to say that this all changed in September of 2012, when I was crowned Tipping Champion of the World. This was an amazing feeling to take home the coveted prize. Beating off all the other losers in my path to be first past the post. Now I can barely walk down the street without being mobbed by thousands of screaming adoring fans. I liken myself to Justin Bieber or one of the cool kids from One Direction. I am king of the world. So suck that up, all you bullies. I am the king now. Just come & try & knock me off my pedestal. If you dare..."
    Luckily the win didn't go to his head.
    The pressure can be intense. 2011 champion Corso Pete (and a more fitting winner there could never be!) describes his torturous route to ultimate glory:
    "It was a buzz to win, but the pressure over the last few weeks really grew, all of sudden it went from just a bit of fun at lunchtime on Friday when I made my selections, to holy s**t I am leading this thing and I really want to win it so I started stressing about my selections, which player was out, who was under an injury cloud etc etc, I am pretty sure my stats towards the back of the season were not as good as what they were for the first 3/4 of the year."
    Of course, everyone can't claim the championship - but fortunately it's not all about winning. Although for some, it can become an all-consuming goal in itself. One of our consistently high-achieving tipsters, Chip and Chase, discussing his quest …
    "Mate I've been the perennial bridesmaid in this tipping comp. I always seem to be sitting in second or third going into the last couple of rounds and end up going for some upsets to try and snatch victory. #onedayiwillreign."
    Yes, C & C, one day. No doubt, at all … by the way, great tactic for those final rounds, and I'm sure it's a very healthy obsession!
    Winning this comp is no walk in the park. The entrants typically include some of the world's foremost experts on NRL, as well as some professional punters, and also some fans that just happen to be blessed with uncanny luck. While there have been whispers in the past of links to organised crime, no-one has been named, so just lay off those whispers, OK? This comp is totally above board!
    In any case, you certainly don't have to win to have fun in this comp. Consider the magnificent sportsmanship of Earnie the Eagle, who finished in equal last place in 2012.
    "I won the NRL tipping comp and I didn't want to be greedy by winning the one at Silvertails as well, so I finished last on purpose but I will be going all out this year to win both."
    Oddly, my research so far suggests that most of those who finished last in past years have used a similar strategy, finishing at the tail of the field on purpose for one reason or another (!)
    (Of course, in coming last he was actually in pretty good company, as he finished equal with Mybludog –himself famous for travelling the world to watch Manly play, and who just happens to be the current Sea Eagles No. 1 Ticket Holder. Russ was probably conserving his energy for other endeavours.)
    How about this comment from Ian Martin Tragic (last place in 2010):
    "I get to a point in the season and give up doing my tips; this plus the tyranny of distance are my excuses (I don't have time to watch games other than Manly ones so no have no idea of form...)"
    In all seriousness, IMT, that excuse is … tragic!
    There will be many prizes awarded during this year's comp, including some throughout the season as well as for the ultimate 2013 champion. Enter the tipping comp and you have 3 chances to win prizes this year.
    Jan Davis Memorial Tipping Comp – 1st Prize of Season Family Membership Package plus weekly prize of a double pass to Brookie
    Last Man Standing Tipping – 1st Prize of a Manly Retro Jersey autographed by a club legend
    Lucky Tipper Prize – all entrants will go into a draw to win a $150.00 Sea Eagles Merchandise Voucher, drawn at seasons end.
    And maybe more!
    Further details are being worked out as I write … but suffice to say there will be some very exciting prizes awarded this year to our various winners.
    For all the well-publicised shortcomings exposed from time to time within rugby league culture, there are also some great strengths. Those strengths typically revolve around a strong sense of team and of community, and it's pleasing that those qualities are also in evidence here in our on-line league community, Silvertails.
    For the last word, here is Corso Pete, speaking about Silvertails and … Corso Jan:
    "As for Jan, a Manly girl through and through, born there and even though we left the northern beaches to live on the Central Coast her heart never ever left Manly. She loved the team more so than any individual player, she had her favourites but it was always about the team. I am so pleased that the last game she ever saw Manly play resulted in a 40 - 0 result for us.
    Way back when she was not a fan of the Silvertails website, thought it was divisive with all the arguing that went back in the early days but she then grew to really enjoy the banter and took it for what it was meant to be, all a bit of fun for Manly fans."
    So there we have it, Sea Eagle fans. Get on board!
    You don't have to pay immediately in order to start scoring, but remember, you won't be eligible for bonus points until you pay, and also remember, by paying you are supporting the site. So please follow the link below, and pay the entry fee as soon as you are able. We are aware there are always some members doing it tough financially, so if anyone wants to apply for a discount please PM Chip and Chase. (Alternatively, anyone wishing to pay more than the nominated $25 will be publicly acknowledged for your benevolence!!)
    Now let's see. Round 1 Broncos v Manly at Suncorp. Hmmm …who shall I tip…?


Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by Chip and Chase, Feb 26, 2013.

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