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Those Designated Never to Return

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ramrod, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Ramrod

    Ramrod Well-Known Member

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    If any ex-Manly player has an ounce of feeling for Manly, they would NOT gloat at our loss.
    I have no issue with a player leaving the club to find opportunities elsewhere.
    I have an issue against any ex-Manly player who feel they have the betterment by sticking it to us when they are at another club.

    There's a saying about the worst act to commit, and it always points to BETRAYAL.

    Those that are sticking it to us right now are - D. Lussick and W. Hopoate.
    I see the way they behave and the way they carry on.
    I nominate that they shall never be allowed to return to Manly.

    Also that knob Arthur. If he never came to Manly, he won't be that great savior right now.
    Mannah noticed it last year when he discovered the change in Arthur.
    Tooves made Arthur, and now Arthur is the new improved????

    I also nominate that Arthur should never be allowed back.
    He's Parra through and through and has no feelings for Manly.

    I only want coaching staff that has a passion for our club.
    Not some "fly-by-night" mercenary.

    We lack starch tonight. Bit soft in the middle.
    We need mongrel and non-stop angry.
    We had partial mongrel, then it became tired and soft.
    All the missing inner starch pulled the outside men inside to help with the defence, leaving massive holes out wide. As the old footy saying goes, we are not numbering up.
    The forwards are the issue.

    I'm losing faith in Lawrence as a Prop. It's a shame.
    BJ has great fitness and perhaps should be a second-rower.
    He does not have the mongrel and impact to be a Prop.

    Dunamis was quiet.
    Hasson - not sure what to make of him but he did take out Choc, so I have to give him credit for that. Apart from that, I'm still scratching my head.
    Leary - seems busy but need to see more of what he can do. Early days.
    Symonds - good in the forwards, not a Centre. Got caught out.
    Mateo - Looks creative, but slooooow and tired.

    My best forward was JSL.
    Mason did well when he was on the field. He drew many defenders.

    With Foz out, we will need Hodges (with spark) on the park. Play him in the halves.
    Leave Lyon in the Centres where he belongs.

    When Buhrer comes back, we'll have another spark.
    When Skivvy comes back, we'll have more spark and starch.

  2. 6/71

    6/71 Well-Known Member

    +207 /3
    Bj should not have been playing tonight. Severely underdone.

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