Things I Hate About The Footy These Days

bob dylan

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1. Player contract negotiations taking place way too early in the season.

2. Players looking up at the refereeing after being hit high in a tackle, they need to play to the whistle and not play for the whistle.

3. Players running to form a scrum to stop the clock. Where did this rubbish come from?

4. TV and radio commentators gushing over players. We all know Slater, Marshall, Hayne etc are great players but their constant ravings turn us off these players.

5. Video Ref’s constantly making bad and inconsistent decisions. How do they get it wrong so often?

6. Forward passes. If the ball travels forward it is a forward pass. It’s that simple.

7. Scrums. Nothing more to say, everyone knows the problems.

8. Player managers. Talking players up to the media and other clubs, I understand they have a job to do but some of these guys reckon they are bigger stars than the players.

9. The Draw. We need a full season draw. I live in the country and need to know exact date my team plays so I can get the benefit of any cheap flight/accommodation offers.

10. Rugby League is dying in the country and no one is doing anything about it. Sending star players to a 2 hour coaching clinic at a school does nothing, please stop this nonsense.

11. Judiciary system. Well it’s a farce and we all know it.

12. Jerseys. Why does every team have up to 5 different strips these days? The fans pay way too much for a jersey their team might wear half a dozen times a year.

13. Monday Night football. Please replace this with Saturday 4.00pm or Sunday 4.00pm so the fans can attend.

14. Player behaviour and off-field incidents. This needs a set of rules that does not take into regard for the status of the player. Thurston or Marshall should be punished by the same rules as a fringe first grader. David Gallop should be kept right away from any process here as he does not understand fairness.

15. Expansion. Money should not dictate if a new team comes into the comp. The quality of the game has slipped so much over the last 5 years, which is amazing as I think player skill levels have improved. There are too many players playing first grade that shouldn’t be. Lets not ever have more than 16 teams, maybe 14 is the right number.

16. The Top 8 Finals system. This rewards mediocrity, let’s get it to 6.

17. The print media. Is there a decent/fair journalist with any newspaper these days?


Kim Jong Dan
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For point this space. I am slow in programming it but am starting a site about this exact thing.

Captain Moondog

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Pertaining to point 4......blatant bias by the commentators . I want an accurate report of what is happening on the field, that's it, not what the commentator thought should have happened or who he's barracking for. This is especially important with radio commentary where you can't see the game.


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Point 6. Why do the refs find out that hard. Its as plan and simple as Bob has put it.

Point 4. Agree with Moondog.

Actually, i like and agree with all those points Bob.

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