The time has come to release the Trbojevics

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These guy are under contract till 2026 and at a combined 2 million of our salary cap are not providing value for money and with age plus more injuries this situation will get worse over the next few contracted years.

Tom is a crock, jake is a plodder who offers little in attack and is only really a defensive forward now.

This is nothing against the two who have been great players but merely a business decision where we can only prosper with a further 2 million to our cap.

Cmon dolphins buy 2 trbojevics and will throw in a third


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Not such an outlandish idea at all. The problem is whether we could get a decent price on them. We would be hoping a team like the Tigers would be desperate enough to gamble on them for a good price.


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Jake is a keeper. Tom is worth keeping but there must be a way of linking how many he plays to how much he's paid.
There would be if he was off contract, the fact that he has 3 more seasons at 1.15 million each regardless if he plays every game or none


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Jake is a keeper. Tom is worth keeping but there must be a way of linking how many he plays to how much he's paid.
If we could make such a financial arrangement then I agree, Tom would be worth keeping. However, the club would have to invest seriously in a second fullback as a contingency plan.

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Great! Let's get rid of ther heart and soul of the club and the blokes that are proven competitors and get more plodders who are cheaper. We will all feel much better with more money in Mr Fluffy's pockets and an underspent salary cap again.

Uppercuts all round.

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Jake is a keeper at market value not the 900k he is on for the next 3 years, 650 is more like his value

I love these guys like they were my brothers from a different mother.

But I have to observe that Jake is overpaid for his present role. I have to agree with @mutley that $600K to $650K is the money you pay to your defensive rock in the pack, not $900K+. That is simply dumb. What confuses me is that Jake has plenty of upside in his attack, and has shown that at both club and Origin level. $900K plus for the guy who is your defensive rock and also an effective different point of attack is not quite so silly. But it is like successive coaches have deliberately coached all that aspect out of him. I find that inexplicable.

Tom fit is worth the money. Even when he appeared to be running only moderately effectively earlier in the year, the amount of try assists he was handing out made him worth the money. He really was playing as a complete extra playmaker. But Tom injured is definitely not worth the money, so both he and we are in the lap of the gods on that one. Sadly, my feeling is that he is likely to keep on getting injured and we have seen his very best. How I hope to be proven wrong on that one.

Ben, I hope plenty of upside to be discovered. I believe in you Ben!


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Despite this being one of the worse takes I have read in a while the whole “we should cut players” narrative is one of the most boring useless types of posts
1. You can not just cut a player as they have a contract. This almost always means that you are paying for some of the player meaning you are not actually freeing up as much space as you want. As an example of someone took Jake you would most likely have to carry 300/400 for him anyway then replace him with a lesser player
2. How do you bills a culture in a team by doing this? I do not like it when players show no loyalty but can not argue when clubs act the same

Re the actual players
1. Jake offers that much to us it is very lazy and simple to call him a “defensive” player. Apart from the fact you or I have no idea what he is paid and how much of that is actually in the cap he is worth what ever we pay him. Who would you replace him with
2. For tommy the total value of his contract does not worry me but agree there should be some recognition of the games played so the club has flexibility if he does not play. The issue here is I am not sure if you can do that under the cap as you need to “spend” it all.
Is it a gamble re Tom? Yes. Is it worth it? For me yes as he is our only hope of ever winning something in the Penn era


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People who call Jake a plodder or a tackle bot just dont know footy IMO. Look at our and NSW's win rate when Jake is out. He is hugely important to every team he players in.

People only appreciate highlight reel players theses days.

True he may be a touch overpaid atm but I reckon if he was off contract right now he would easy get 800k.

Releasing the Trbojevic's IMO would be a hugely detrimental call to the team and the club.


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We paid overs for the brothers when we should have paid unders due to them being locals . Can’t change that now. Seibold is slowly unwinding Des’ silly mistakes but it takes a while.

Would be interested to see how we go with both Lodge and Paseka fit rolling forward . I think Talau is a slight upgrade on Parker. Brookes better in the halves than shoe (surely shoe moves to lock?).

Still need to find a zippy / creative 9 to back Croker up


The problem for those that say we paid overs for Tom and Jake was the following:

- they were offered more by the Bulldogs so Manly had to be in that ballpark to retain them.

So, should Manly have let them walk?

Was there anyone in 2021 saying that we shouldn't have re-signed them when Tom perhaps put in the best season ever for an individual player?

Unless you were saying in 2021 we shouldn't have re-signed them then you can't say it now.

You can't have it both ways.

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