The pride jersey round.

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Just a Man and his Eagle
I started composing a detailed post looking at both sides of Rainbowgate. It was looking pretty good, until I suddenly realised I wasn't going to waste my off-season on this ** again. So ** it I am done with this specific topic, until it rears it's ugly prideful head again in 2023.
Can I suggest you save the part you composed so you don't have to spend as much time on it next year. Cause sure as shut its going to happen 🤦‍♂️

The '47ers

When Eagles are silent Parrots begin to chatter

Against my better judgement, I rolled into town today. It seems even the trash cans in the city are onboard, special bins for "Co-Mingled" rubbish. WTF is a co-mingled bin.


Yeah, Nah.
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I started composing a detailed post looking at both sides of Rainbowgate. It was looking pretty good, until I suddenly realised I wasn't going to waste my off-season on this ** again. So ** it I am done with this specific topic, until it rears it's ugly prideful head again in 2023.
Reared its head early…



Yeah, Nah.
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Manly powerbrokers remain committed to again releasing their “Everyone in League” jersey in 2023 despite the role the controversial initiative played in the demise of Des Hasler.

The Sea Eagles terminated Hasler’s employment with a season remaining on his contract, alleging he had breached the terms of the agreement by bringing the club into disrepute.

Based on legal advice they have received, Manly believe they are entitled to tear up the contract without paying Hasler a single dollar, having already put in a safeguard in the deal that caps any payout to about $450,000.

Hasler, meanwhile, believes he is entitled to a payout and is considering launching legal action on the grounds he didn’t get a fair chance to earn the top-six finish required to trigger a contract extension for 2024 due to management failings.

In a bid to bring the matter to a close and let the parties move on, sources with knowledge of the situation have told the Sun-Herald that the Sea Eagles are prepared to offer a settlement of about $500,000.

Whether that is enough to placate the two-time premiership coach - who will now finish his tenure four games short of equalling Bob Fulton as Manly’s longest-serving coach - remains to be seen. However, it is viewed as the first step towards the resolution to a conflict that was sparked by the club’s inclusiveness jersey.

Hasler was widely lauded for the way he handled curly questions about religion and inclusivity when he and captain Daly Cherry-Evans fronted the press in July. However, the club’s owners and management felt he had shifted blame from himself and onto them as the issue effectively cruelled their premiership campaign.

Seven players boycotted the “Everyone in League” clash against the Roosters in round 20, with the under-strength side suffering a 20-10 loss. The players returned the following week, but the side never recovered, losing their remaining matches to finish the season in 11th spot.

The intention behind the “Everyone in League” jersey was to unite the community and showcase the club and the game as being inclusive. Sea Eagles officials won’t walk away from those values and intend to run the promotion again, albeit with better consultation with the playing group.

The original launch was timed to coincide with Women in League round in a bid to bring attention to the contribution of females to football. However, the subsequent controversy overshadowed the NRL’s initiative and will likely be shifted to another time of the season in 2023.

ARLC chairman Peter V’landys flagged the prospect of the NRL launching an inclusivity round next year and Manly want to work with head office to avoid the pitfalls of their inaugural launch.

Former Rabbitohs and Broncos coach Anthony Seibold is poised to take over from Hasler once he finishes his commitments with the English national rugby team. Once Hasler’s severance is officially agreed, the former Dally M coach of the year is expected to take up a deal of up to three years, with a view to beginning in mid-November.
So, if gay pride “paid” for the jersey then it would change everything, and it would all be cool?
Promoting ideals, sexuality, religion, agendas etc is not the players job or for 99% part of the job of being employed unless you are "specifically" employed in these fields.

Businesses are promoting their "Product" or "Service" for awareness, exposure and future profits when sponsoring, not an agenda, ideal or belief system.(if you don't support the product or service you don't buy or use it)

Don't promote how people should live and think simple as that-----just run a football club to win premierships and make a profit, the job of a football club is to win not promote politics or sexuality.

We go to the game to forget our belief systems, work stress, personal issues, financial stress, family and relationship stress etc etc it's a form of escapism and entertainment that we all share together without exclusion. It's the coming together that breaks divides and builds acceptance without preaching or promoting to force feed an ideal.

Ron E. Gibbs

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If the NRL had any balls (sadly, they do not), they would launch a league-wide initiative - an actual Everyone in League or Pride round - so that Manly wouldn't have to go it alone. Parroting support is one thing, but they were more than happy to say, "It's a Manly problem, they can deal with it."

Then, if there really are clusters of players at other clubs who will take the same stance (or really, non-stance) as our Not-so Magnificent Seven, the NRL can deal with it. Manly did nothing more than try to promote values which, according to the NRL, are values the NRL as an organisation shares. They now have an opportunity to back that up.
Let's have a look at the actual facts

The club for some reason released a limited run jersey from all I've heard sold out extremely quickly
They should've made more and missed out on making more money out of it : Failure in the club

The club released it guerrilla style, why did they do this? They could have advertised it at season launch like they did with the anniversary eagle jersey design... And why not, in sales it was an absolute smash hit : Failure in the club's part again

The wannabe priest and 6 apostles... Among a number of lifelong reserve graders who shouldn't play for us pulled out, the 7 who replaced them put more pride into this jersey than the repugnant zealots they replaced ever have, other than Fulton I seen future journeymen but they gave it their all.... And this is where Hasler failed, he dropped all of them and for what? To put people in to who the club comes secondary behind their hatred, the whole club was munted

40 nil

It's only a game ...
Stumbled across this footage of a pointless Steve Vizard nterview. Wonder how Rex would have reacted to the Pride Round concept?

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Team P W L PD Pts
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11 8 3 75 18
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11 7 4 59 14
11 6 5 -9 14
11 6 5 -38 14
12 6 5 36 13
11 5 6 47 12
12 6 6 2 12
11 5 6 -88 12
11 4 6 -7 9
11 3 8 -119 8
10 2 8 -91 6
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