The Positives for 2023 .....


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Negative People have Nothing
and Never achieve anything with Negativity
you are right feathered friend


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Courage is the most important of all the virtues
Because without Courage we can not practice any other virtue Consistently
Maya Angelou ...

Never Give up on Your Self
Never Give up on Your Club


Let’s all have a chew!
Weekes was SUPER quick, or was that just me? Love to see him get a gig at 5/8.
Thought he looked quick. But he also came on when everyone else had basically played a full game. Schu in the 6 will be good. I’m expecting a big year next year. Would like to see Weekes in there somewhere. Starting with this week.


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The Positive Perspective

This 2022 Season does not define us feathered friends

These Seasons are what defines us
What has defined our Legendary clubs Greatness is not how many times we have fallen
But How many times we have risen after falling

I challenge every one reading this post to have the courage and not be discouraged by this years disappointing season

But be inspired and be encouraged by our proud and proven history of successful come backs

No one bounces back by being Nagative
Let us all have the courage to be Manly ,
Let us all have the courage to stay Positive and I Promise you we will Prevail

God Bless the Courageous Manly Sea eagles Spirit that has Always Prevailed
Nagative hey @BOZO that word sums up my wife perfectly :p


Journey Man
Anyone else hear Buzz , Kent, Anasta and co. talk about us tonight on NRL on Fox? Oooof. Let's hope Smokin' Joe didn't watch or hear it, he'll be writing in, in a fit of rage haha

But tbh, they were spot on . Just saying basically what most are here too. Mainly around terrible recruitment / retention.


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I hope too many of those girls aren’t LBGQT otherwise the first mens team might feel uncomfortable around them.

Perspective time ....
Manly players never feel uncomfortable wearing the Traditional Manly colors
No Manly player has ever boycotted the indiscriminative Traditional Manly colors


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here's a positive, new young talent coming through :)
My nephew (technically 1st cousin once removed) will be on TV for a harvey norman promotion during the finals (that's him next to Douehi)

and for another huge positive, see below where he is smashing DCE, lol




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Player wise we have some good prospects. Koula, Weekes, Schuster, Ola, Paseka, maybe Humphries, Latu Fainu. I think Burbo will improve. Garrick is top notch, Saab will improve and then we have the big three in Turbo, Jake and DCE. The basis of a top side is there. Just needs to meld into a unit and get in a couple of tough hombres. The thought of getting Best may be worth a look. A tough go forward prop would help


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and get in a couple of tough hombres.
Not a bad idea. We have some powerful forwards but probably a surfeit of friendly guys. Do we have a Radley or Fischer-Harris type in the pipeline? If not, let's get a new pipeline.

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