The Positives for 2023 .....


In for the long haul.
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Only positive needed for 2023 is for Mestrov to get the club heading in the right direction.


Very valid point in regards to us not knowing who wants to be there or not. And obviously a lot of them don't at the moment. But things can turn around if changes are made.

And agreed with your comment about happy to rebuild if it means getting behind a united team. at least we don't have to start from scratch given there is talent within the club.
Added to that should be a coach with an actual game plan that fits the modern game, no good having a united team with little or no direction


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Agree with that sentiment @The Wheel ! Great initiative for us. And everyone knows the best girls in Australia come from the Northern Beaches (yes, 100% biased ! haha).

The fact there appears to be a review of the coaching staff (even if it IS just support) shows they've taken on board change management needs to occur, which also indicates accountability (another positive).

We WILL get back Garrick, Turbo, Paseka, Keppie & others. I haven't criticized Schuster (aside from fitness), because I do believe he could be anything (could see him as a Nic Kosef type lock). That, and I feel Weekes is blistering (and a ball RUNNER) which would compliment DCE, so I'd love to see him at 5/8.


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This years positives
raz degan isola 12 GIF by Isola dei Famosi


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Koula will be a star of the future
Ray Vegas could be a strong contributor in the coming seasons
Hamole first half of the season was great - if he reproduces that in years ahead we will be ok
Opening of the new stand and COE
Garrick aiming up well as back up fullback
Record breaking year for membership
Tony Mestrov appointed CEO
Well done feathered friend !!!
The Great Wheel turning Negatives into some Great Positives

Let us never forget that ......
Our Legendary Manly club is not defined by a few set back Seasons
Our Legendary Manly Club is Defined by its Dynamic and Resilient DNA
that has always with stood the test of time in its proud and illustrious history

We have over come super league wars and mergers and we will also over come this mediocre season and prevail and rise to the top like the great Sea eagles that we are

We will Recover and Renew our Strength and Soar like Great Eagles do

God bless the Manly Sea eagles :h:
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The Positive Perspective

This 2022 Season does not define us feathered friends

These Seasons are what defines us
What has defined our Legendary clubs Greatness is not how many times we have fallen
But How many times we have risen after falling

I challenge every one reading this post to have the courage and not be discouraged by this years disappointing season

But be inspired and be encouraged by our proud and proven history of successful come backs

No one bounces back by being Nagative
Let us all have the courage to be Manly ,
Let us all have the courage to stay Positive and I Promise you we will Prevail

God Bless the Courageous Manly Sea eagles Spirit that has Always Prevailed

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