The Odds!

i cant believe it!

on sportsbook the Eagles are $1.53 and the seweridge dwellers are at $2.50, when was the last time you saw odds like these against a team in the top 8!

without bias the sewer swallowers are arguably the best bet of the weekend ?????
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Probably has a lot to do with the players they are missing.

but i am suprised - i thought it would be reaasonably even
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Their overall record at Brookie is pretty crap.

Time we won a game that we were favourite to win!!! Hasn't happened for ions - except NSO against the Myxos!!!
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plenty had the mixos favourites for that one too.

we will win, i will be there.

have only seen one loss since 98.

im a good luck charm
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I'm also surprised at those odds , considering the Manly/Sharks match is the only game in Rd # 2 that comprises of winning teams from Rd # 1. As Fluffy mentioned , I'm sure it is because of Kimmorley , Nutley & maybe Stevens will be missing .

I also notice that Penrith are favourites against The Roosters for the same reasons . Penrith will be hard to beat this Saturday night at there home ground .
agree Chucky, i wasnt that impressed with the roosters, i think many teams would have beaten them that night.
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ive said before that i think the roosters will struggle a bit without freddy.

Thats seemed evident on the weekend


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Dont forget Finch ws also not there. Its not all just Freddy missing. They sold their other half backs thinking Finch was the goods, now he is injured and their replcements arent up to scratch
Winging it
Manly have come in on all the betting tables. To win the Premiership is now $41.

I can see a very similiar pattern to last year in the results. The Sharkies will struggle this weekend without Noddy and we showed enough defense starch against the Warriors to say we should beat them comfortably.

The Chooks were totally disorganised in the first half and were very scrappy but they then did manage to find a rhythm and won the game. I believe they will be a big force this year. That said, so will the Panthers who will be smarting from the loss and have local home ground support this weekend. This game is the hardest to call from the entire round.

The teams that look like they have enough juice are Broncos, Dogs, Chooks, Storm and Panthers. The next tier are Eagles, Sharks and Parra. I will be surprised if that is not the 8. The Cowboys are in with a shot. Even though we have had one round the rest look to me like they will struggle. I reckon the Knights will get the spoon.
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Journey Man
Not saints or cowboys in the 8.

Melbourne came out well but i still think they will be in the race for the 8 with us and the rest. The knights look in big trouble to me
would you believe the Sharkies have blown out to $2.70, id guess thats the longest Odds any team has had against manly apart from the Bunnies in the last 3 years! ha! And this is a team coming off a good win against last years third place team!

obvioulsy these bookings have not seen much of the eagles lately, if anyones interested
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