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UP this is also right. As a kid if I went home and had done something stupid at school I got another serve from my folks. Tody parents demand the rights of their children. I have even had little turds at school whose parents have turned up for a discipline interview with a lawyer. What does that say to a kid about personal accountability?

New Credo - the rights of an individual are more important the good of society as a whole!!!!


My dad found out i did something bad when i was 12. Made my way into a half built house to smoke cigarettes. He dragged me out of Science, took me to the car , gave me a reven , 2 solids clips behind the ear , and then sent me all teary eyed back to class. I never wnet near another half built house again.

Turning up to discipline interveiw with a lawyer does not surprise me these days.


Kim Jong Dan
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Yeah, I now realise it happens everywhere , every country. I couldnt comprehend that happening in my classroom.
They are just grubs.


Yeah, I now realise it happens everywhere , every country. I couldnt comprehend that happening in my classroom.
They are just grubs.

animals I would call them...
To compare it with Jackass and blame Johnny Knoxville is taking it a tad too far though.
The Jackass team inflict pain and embarrassment on themselves and people big enough to take it- this girl clearly was not!
I agree with UP about the police- we had certain police in our town who used to beat the crap out of people (I've seen it plenty of times with my own two eyes) for example at a party I had at my house when my parents were away about 10years ago there was a all in brawl- one gatecrasher was walking through the house with a iron bar so the inspector ripped it off him and knocked him clean out with it....


Ahhh , the good old days pj,
I remeber being picked up by the coppers because i was out in the street at around 10pm. I was 14. Now there are 10 year olds running amok in the wee hours of the morning.

Al Kyder

If you think kids today are any different to kids of 20 years ago you are mistaken. The only difference between now and then is media reporting. Nuthin rates higer on ACA or Today Tonight than "Kids Out Of Control" nor sells more tabloid newspapers.

If attitudes, discipline or values seem different it is the 30-50years olds of today that have brought about those changes not the kids themselves.


Journey Man
Speaking of such things as Al Quida, any comments on the Sheak of Tweak and his uncovered meat comments?


Pretty ordinary comments. While i think the dress of someone women can be a little prevocative , it still isnt an open invitation for rape. And for a leading Mufti to make these comments is disgraceful. Whats worse is the government fund this dickhead.
That should stop immedietly.

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