The Future of Brookvale Oval????

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The Manly club has announced on its official website that the Manly Daily will publish a feature story on October 14th outlining the battle the Sea Eagles face in trying to upgrade the club's spiritual ground Brookvale Oval. The suggestion that Manly may need to relocate is one that is implicit in the story and may cause great angst and strong reaction amongst the Brookvale faithful.

CEO Grant Mayer writes on Mightyseaeagles website that the story has been done with the co-operation of the Sea Eagles in order to highlight the club's position concerning Brookvale Oval.

He writes "Fans can rest assured everything will be done to seek financial support from State and Federal Governments so that the people of the peninsula can have a modern ground with improved facilities."

He also claims that the Manly club see the current situation as starting point only and are adamant everything will be done to ensure the Sea Eagles remain where they have for 60 years.

The story referred to appeared in The Manly Daily on 15th October and both can be found on the news section of this website


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I the modern age of Football being business, im sure we can all get over the fact that our club may leave the ground is search of more financial stability.

If it brings us better big name players than I wouldn't have a problem.

I know their will be people who've been going to the ground since they we're six with mum and pah and it bring back memories every sunday and probabaly don't even want it upgraded? But I see it as a must. A top 4 side in australia's biggerst sport has a ground that just fits 20 000 in semi's. Not good enough we need to move forwards.


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build this


I for one would hate to see a 'Brookvale Stadium'. I hope we do get money to upgrade the 'Oval', but that's what it is, an oval, not a stadium. For mine, there's nothing better than Brookie Oval on a sunny Sunday with a few cans on the hill. They should definitely improve the merch shops, add more places to get a feed and beer so you don't have to line up for 30 minutes, and add another toilet block etc. But leave the hill as is!! Nothing worse than an all seating 'local' ground, ie parra stadium. If the hill went, it would take away what makes it 'brookie'.


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I too would hate the ground disappearing into the great corpratized, plastic seated, ****e holes those in suits call sports stadiums. In reality just outdoor TV locations. No personality, no heart, no passion and in the end no fan base. Just look at the hideous concrete structures that litter our oval, and they'll be planning more to fill up the spaces in between to cram in another 15000, if ever they come. The suit wearing 'forward planners' are killing the game.


I'll believe it when I see it about Manly vacating Brookvale Oval. Not after the campaign that was waged by fans to bring them back to Brookvale fulltime from the Central Coast. Manly has taken home games away before as have other clubs for the benefit of promoting the game. We took this years home game against parra to the S.C.G.

This is simply the first step in the campaign by the club to get the Federal Government to fund improvements to the ground. There are worse grounds than Brooky though.


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All you lads getting misty eyes about sunny afternoons are probably exactly the ones that stay away on a drizzling Saturday evening and bitch and moan about the mud out on the Hill.

Fact is a wet home game costs the club hundreds of thousands. Sentiment doesn't pay the bills gentlemen.

It is intended to keep the "family hill" at the northern end but the Eastern side will get seats and cover AND improved facilities.


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well theres no better time for me to cast my opinion after that last out of towners bit.

i was there in 2004 for a lot of games when almost all our games were wet - on the hill of coarse

my suggestion to move forward is a stand behind the eastern hill - if youve been to marathon picture that but replace the front terrace with the existing hill you get the best possible concept at brookie - the bars/toilets etc can be incorporated easily underneath the new stand like at penriff. If the coucil wanted to jump on board they could incorporate shops on the bottom area where the toilets and car park currently sit.

This idea would easily boost the crowd to 30K - enough for the current comp, if it needed to go past that in 10years+ then redevelop the jane try to triple its capacity on the western side.

all in all - the hill must remain and it isnt too hard to do,

I would hate it if Brookie wasnt the last hill left


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I think it essential there be some grassed area left too. What is classified as "the Hill" at Brookvale.

I think Fluffy's suggestion is a very good one.


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Why not just make a massive roof above the hill. Stops rain, stops sun burn etc? Go all Yuppy, keep it beach style, and make it massive waterproof sails or something, that actually DO let the sun through if that's your thing. Don't make it like all the rest. Make it innovative, and in line with the demographic.


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being on the eastern side the roof will no effect the sun suring game time (first grade that is) so it shouldnt be a problem


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I have been to nearly all the NRL grounds and the 2 grounds that I enjoy watching from are
Aussie Stadium- Because nearly everywhere you sit you have a terrific view of the game
Win Stadium is great as you are close to the action
Brookie needs a lot of work, Maybe a couple of new stands and maybe move the fences in a bit closer as well

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Imperitative to keep the hill at the ground to remain some of the character of it.
I spent 1 of my best ever afternoons lying on that hill watching the action this year, was great sprawing out on the grass and watching the footy.

Would hate to see Brookvale turned into some kind of concrete jungle. the grounds lose a lot when that happens.
At my home town, Jade Stadium used to be great with a massive embankment on the western side of the ground, it provided so much atmosphere, which is now lacked with a big 15,000 seat stand in its place

Also i would imagine a large upgrade is going to hit the paying customer in the pocket a bit, which may deter a lot from going too

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