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The definition of delusional

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by missing_something, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. missing_something

    missing_something Active Member

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    There wasn't the second post there when I posted this link.
  2. Jethro

    Jethro This space is for rent Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Isn't there a saying:

    "Don't count your chickens before they've hatched"

    or are they planning on next year's Finals Series?
  3. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    A good point was raised last night that finishing 5th and getting a trip to Melbourne may be a poisoned chalice.  Better to be 6th (Titans) or 7th (Wogs), except that at 7th you have no second chances.

    Having read Mark's comments in the "NRL scheduling" thread I have a new appreciation for the difficulty in trying to arrange supporter tours in general, with the finals surely an absolute nightmare.

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