Take that you disgraceful cheats!!!!!!!!!!

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One word - justice.

Despite the most diabolical run of decisions in origin history in a ten minute period, including one with the aid of a video referee that must be sacked, Queensland pride and spirit triumph.

So stick that up ya you dirty coxkroaches and enjoy your overpriced petrol and frosty mornings.

Rip it up ya



First Grader
pffft. Who cares.

It was a top game though, best in about 5 years.

Was that King that did that ridiculous pass from dummy half to hand QLD the win?


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Matabelle, I thought you were a man of forsight, character, immense ability to see things as they are....

but to find out you are a one sided (censored) %#@!head was a revelation to me!


Journey Man
The scarey thing is, I'm sober!

It must be the adrenaline.

Got an SMS from Clon and PJ at half time and they are more than a little hammered. :lol:


Journey Man

Gold!!!!!! :clap: :clap:


No excuses this time. beaten by the better side. Go you QUEENSLANDERS! :yeah: :drunk: :yeah: :drunk: :yeah: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:


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Just want to know if the NSW SOO player kichback for throwing the game gets include in the salary cap? If we beat you again.... would anybody turn up next year, or would we need to start up a new "tri series with GB & NZ and leave you idiots out.


Reserve Grader
Not at all, how dare they have only 1 Manly player playing tonight........................................ besides after the big brother debarcle, this rates as a small hemoroide in the sceme of things........

Chip and Chase

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It was a top game though, best in about 5 years.

Did I watch the same game ? It was rubbish, in fact the whole series was crap this year. If that was the best they can muster to win over the Melbourne faithful than they are kidding themselves.

The refereeing was diabolical, for both sides.

You'd have to say Gasnier was a resounding failure at 5/8, would have been better off with Anasta, at least we wouldn't have expected too much.

I can't believe NSW handed it to QLD like that, a very uninspiring finish to an extremely yawnful series. I guess the only thing to take from it was that NSW probably had their weakest side for 10 years or more and still only just lost the series in the fianl minutes through a stupid error.

:sleep: :sleep: :sleep:


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hope his bonus was based on game time...... reckon with the amount of time he spent in the series, he deserves it! For a reserve saw more game time than any other player by 22 mins (reserves only), and spent 14 minutes more than any other forward in the game..... not bad.....vintage quality.... superstar of the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Beaver is a champion. It's really hard to watch him in an origin game coz you know he's gunna kill you.

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