Take that you disgraceful cheats!!!!!!!!!!


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pffft. Who cares.

It was a top game though, best in about 5 years.

Was that King that did that ridiculous pass from dummy half to hand QLD the win?

Hodgson. Boy, he had an absolute ****house game tonight did the ragdoll.


Hodgson the best fullback eligible for NSW? I don't think so, he was absolutely crapola! 8|
QLD deserved the win, especially after the shocking decisions that went against them. How could the video ref not call it a knock on by Hodgson?????


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what i liked was when thurston got pinned for a knock on the commentaters said "How can that be a knock on, it didnt touch his arms, only his upper body"

Hodgson does the same and they forget the rule they jsut spoke about 2 minutes before hand.....knobs but well in Queensland a top effort with a never say die attitude won that one


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[quote author=byso]

It was a top game though, best in about 5 years.

Did I watch the same game ? It was rubbish, in fact the whole series was crap this year. If that was the best they can muster to win over the Melbourne faithful than they are kidding themselves.

The refereeing was diabolical, for both sides.

You'd have to say Gasnier was a resounding failure at 5/8, would have been better off with Anasta, at least we wouldn't have expected too much.

I can't believe NSW handed it to QLD like that, a very uninspiring finish to an extremely yawnful series. I guess the only thing to take from it was that NSW probably had their weakest side for 10 years or more and still only just lost the series in the fianl minutes through a stupid error.

:sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

agree - was a ****house series.

Both teams would have been beaten by 50 in all games if they were playing teh mid nineties origin teams.

And what was with ripping beavers headgear off everytime he got tackled - leave the guy alone you wankers


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What are the rules for a knock on? I thought if it came of the torso it was fine and play on.


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Exactly garts. These people who think it's not a try are eating the **** sandwich Fool Gould served them!


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I knew I was in for a class performance from the Wanklanders when Thurston decided to let fly with a gigantic gobbie from his right nostril just as the national anthem was firing up.

As for all those 'controversial' decsions for the poor hard-done-by Maroonies, I had to turn the TV up to drown out the screams from over the border. Did I feel sorry that the Toads were miffed that everything didn't go there way? - not a chance.

I guess success for Queensland is claiming a 25% success rate.

That said, they deserved the win and I am glad the series, the agony and the drama lives on! :)


serioulsy who cares, i just sat and prayed Beaver didnt get hurt.

And laughed when Tahu went off and laughed even harder when Hodgson made the error that cost them the game.


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is it any wonder NSW are the only ones that promote the game by moving a home game to Victoria.

Says it all really.


that's just the nsw arrogance! you figured you had origin in the bag and didn't need home ground advantage. now it's just another excuse for losing.


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Off the torso was it?

it appeared that way to me, and 2 others in the room who didnt give a sh!t about the game agreed. I thought I was being a little biased but it appears I wasnt.

anyway doesnt matter as King scored from the Thurston knock one which was not one so Qld deserved the victory but I dont really care apart from the fact Beaver probably finished his Origin career a loser.
Can't say I was too unhappy with the QLD victory after 3 years it was getting a bit boring watching NSW win every year (I won't be bored if Manly string together 4 premierships in a row) Best part of the night was when they tipped the Gatorade over Meninga I hope he got his suit at Lowes and they had to cut it off the big wanker when it shrunk :lol:
Tonie Carrols NO TRY - was a correct descision.
The NSW first that came off the double knock-on = crap but QLD should have defended the next tackle.
The Hodgson knockon - BAD descision (came off his shoulder and played at it)

Either way the better team won - even if by less a margin they should have. It was an AWESOME game in the end, and thats all that matters.

My Score (what should have been):
QLD 16
NSW 10


The way i see it.... Tonie Carrolls should have been a try... I don't think it was stripped but more that Eric Grothe had piss weak ball control.

Then Gower DID knock it on and then thurston DIDN'T knock it on and should have been a QLD feed.

Then i do believe some part of hodgson's arm had to have touched the ball when he attempted that take.

I'm a NSW supporter and after we went out to a 14 - 4 lead after that **** fight i became dis-interested in the game merely because of the inept umpiring. After all that i couldn't care less who won.. the refs had taken all my excitement out of me because if my team had of gone on to win. It would have been through bull**** decisions.

The better team won the series... NSW played like dogs in the second and weren't too much better in the third (what was NSW completion?????) I know we dropped the ball on just about every occassion in that first half.

Well done QLD and i'm glad i don't have to sit here today being called a cheating prick and the rest of it due to nobody but the ref.

NSW will bounce back next year!!! It still has me bewildered as to how that NSW team can only manage 14 points.. they are full of point scoring machines!!

Oh well

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