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So not sure if many of you know much about this but i will try to give a quick description

String theory is a scientific (mor emathematic really) theory that there are more dimensions than the 3 we currently know of. These dimensions are at every single point in space and are the building blocks of the entire universe.

They are believed many times smaller than an atom, so small that we may never see them.

The basic idea was started by Einstein who theorised that there is a single formula that is at the base of everything and can be used to describe everything.

(His theory lost steam when weak and strong forces were discovered)

Anyway current string theory demands that there be a further six dimensions of lots of curled up little wierd shaps all bunched together.

A dude by the name of Kline I think has described it best as the following

From a distance if you look at an electric wire its looks flat, but close up from say an ants perspective you will see lots of curled up wires together you can explore the usual dimensions of up down, back forward, side to side. However a new dimension then comes into being which is around.

This is the heart of string theory.

So now to what I want to know. especially from the Zealot.

- If and when string theory is proven, how many dimensions do you believe will be discovered?

- What will this do for your world view?

For mine this concept is completely mind blowing because we have been led to believe that there are only 3 dimensions, man that changes a lot you dont realise if there are more and will give us the knowledge to play ummm GOD.
Completely with you on this one Zap. If someone pretends to understand EVERYTHING about the amazing universe of which we are a part then they are kidding themsleves.

The question for you Zap is, even if we find 6, 9 or 600 dimensions, do you really think that will be the end point? My answer is unlikely.

The more we uncover and understand complexity the more likely that it is created rather than an accident of random chance.
I see it differently, but thats because I dont have a pre-disposition for belief or faith.

I still stand by the fact that if nothing is by chance then we wouldnt have a word for chance.

Free will is a very good loophole for you.
Zap, we all have pre-dispositions to something and this creates our world view. Whilst my pre-disposition might be different to yours it in no way means that you are completely impartial.
no but you were brought up in a somewhat religious family, whereas i wasnt even baptised christained or whatever.

And if the writing of nostrodaumas are correct, the antichrist will come from my family
Zap, so you come from a pagan family and are a pagan family and I come from a Christian family and am a Christian.

What exactly does your assertion prove?
that we will never see eye to eye on this. Our predispositions due to upbringing are so deeply embedded it will take nothing short of a "Miracle" for us to turn that view around
I'm still praying for the miracle and am happy to leave it at that Zap.

I'll tell you what your assertion highlights though:

I've spent many a year in your "sub-culture" and have tasted it to the full. Whereas I doubt that you've walked a mile in my shoes. As you know the offer of that is open any time. :p
No i havent walked a mile in your shoes. Because I see no reason to, whereas you obviously did. However the pre-disposition still hold true
String theory is very interesting.

I have seen a picture of a four dimension sphere and it is mind blowing. Basically its made up of an infinate number of spike soming from the centre.

There are some people who claim they can indeed see a fourth dimension and have been proven as much as possible to be right.

Now we are not talking your basic fourth dimension - time which mist of us can grasp without too many difficulties.

I had the 4th dimension explained to me by a deranged maths lecturer at uni (bloody funny man though). He put to bits of white chalk on the ground and said imagine these are ants. (now imagine an exited chinese born guy saying this) Now you want to confuse them then you pick up another ant (another bit of chalk) and put it there with them. They go WOW! where did that ant come from. Then you want to really confuse them you take it away. Then they go WOW again , where did it go.

His point being they only see most things in 2 dimensions.l

Anyone who has had Dr Choo would know what his stories are like and anyone at sydney uni who hasnt, just sit in one of his lectures - they are gold. We used to sleep through a lot of it till he told his story.
Yeah, its amazing that 100 years ago we were going around on horse and cart (i still am) but technology and understanding of things has exploded in the last 100 year quicker than the earths enire past. You never know, in 100 years time, their will be more than the 4 dimensions you are talking about, we will be being told their are 100 dimensions or something. Just facinating that every gereation still seems to make improvement even though technically what they think is fact is actually wrong.
lol that is fantastic and a great way of explaining it
No i havent walked a mile in your shoes. Because I see no reason to, whereas you obviously did. However the pre-disposition still hold true
I therefore contend that I've examined both sides of the coin and chosen which one I want.

Something I don't believe you can say.
Perhaps Matabele.

But what was your pre-disposition?

Also I would contend that you have not actually walked a mile in my shoes, only a pair kind of like mine
For a start,
- You were brought up in a christian family
- You grew up in South Africa
- You were brought up by South Africans


- Brought up in a non religious family
- Brought up in australia
- Brought up by English parents in a very English family

Straight away our paths are diverged so much only some of that mile can be the same
I grew up in war-torn Rhodesia actually. I'm not an instrument of apartheid thank you very much.

I'm not talking about our socialisation. I'm talking about some of the experiences we've gone through in life. Whilst they might have a different context, there are lessons learned from them that can be universal.
Well how can you say socialisation has nothing to do with it.

Our social back ground and pre-dispostion means from experiences we take different lessons.

I am happy to give you some life experiences but i would prefer not to air them on an open forum. I garuntee we had very different experiences and upbringings, I am sure i will shock you in more than one of them.

(I will PM a few)

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