Stewart to centres ???


Guys im the last person to weaken a position to strengthen another, but ouir centres are a major concern..... Is there a another quelity fullback in the club, i have no doubts that stewey would play centres easy.... just a thought.... !doh:


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Here's a thought. Glen Stuart, apparently carving up in PL comes into lock. Takes menzies spot who slides into centres. I notice menzies babies and shadows donald in defence anyway but IMO at the moment their is no other option. We can't continue with Stepho and Matai in the centres, together their defense is just a little to fragile. Slot menzies in their, problem solvered for the moment.


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No way. I don't even think he'd make a good centre.

He would be in the top 5 in the NRL in fullbacks.....we have no one at Manly even close. If he gets injured were in big trouble at fullback.


yeah no doubt, irreplacable at full back, dont get me wrong,,,, its just getting a little desperate out wide, or is it ???? i think Hicks has to fill one centre spot, mayby bring Creary back onto the wing his defence is solid.


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The Fullback in reserves played real well on Saturday night not sure of his name, but he looked very impressive.


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jeez, there were more bad players than 2 centres.

The way you guys are going on its like the only mistakes made were by these 2.


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I think what we are trying to say fluf is that our back line attack is lacking in the centres. It doesn't have the potencey that a lot of the other sides have. If we could have put a few more tries on St George in those tense moments in the game we would have cracked them. It just seems that when the ball reaches the centres, it stops. The go forward changes to stoping and proping and submissive tackles.


the one in reserves would be Taylor. He is young and hes awesome.

He can play Fullback Wing or Centre. I hope we use him in first grade soon.

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