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Steve Matai, Kieran Foran want to join exodus from Manly Sea Eagles

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by dowdz, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. dowdz

    dowdz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Here is the article being discussed in the Matai thread.

    MANLY’S pre-season has been thrown into turmoil, with long-serving Kiwi centre Steve Matai seeking an immediate release from the final year of his contract at Brookvale.

    The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Gold Coast Titans, the New Zealand Warriors and another club — believed to be Parramatta — are prepared to offer the crash-tackling 30-year-old more than $1 million over three years for what will be the final contract of his career.

    They all want him immediately to play the 2015 season.

    And in a further blow to the Sea Eagles, champion five-eighth Kieran Foran is on the verge of announcing he will be quitting the Sea Eagles at the end of the year.

    Matai has been unhappy at Manly for several months.

    Steve Matai has reportedly been unhappy at Manly for several months. Source: News Corp Australia

    He is upset over the departure of decade-long teammates and close friends Anthony Watmough and Glenn Stewart at the end of last season.

    He also believes Manly are paying him well below his market value.

    New Sea Eagles boss Joe Kelly has offered Matai a two-year extension on the same money he now earns. It is nowhere near what other clubs are offering and is over a shorter term.

    Kelly says he hopes to get this issue sorted as soon as possible.

    “If he was to ask for an immediate release, that’s a discussion we’d have internally with our recruitment and retention committee,” Kelly said.

    “I’m seeking to understand what’s going on with him moving forward.

    “We’ve put an offer to him to extend but we obviously need to get some clarification.

    “He’s one of a few we’d like to sort out sooner rather than later so we can focus on the upcoming season.’’

    There is a thought among the players at Manly that the club should allow Matai to go because he has been such a loyal servant since 2005. In that time he has played 202 games and scored 80 tries.

    By switching clubs it would allow him to set his family up for life.

    Foran spoke late last year about supporting Matai’s departure, despite the fact they are extremely close.

    “In Stevie’s situation I believe he has taken unders for a lot of years to stay at this club and if he can now set his family up and get a big money contract elsewhere I think the club should assess that,” Foran said.

    Kieran Foran is being pursued by Parramatta, the Roosters and the Bulldogs. Source: News Corp Australia

    Meanwhile, the Sea Eagles are desperately trying to convince halves Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans to sign new deals.

    Foran is being chased by Parramatta, the Roosters and the Bulldogs and is unlikely to stay on the northern beaches.

    Cherry Evans is more likely to remain, despite a huge offer from the Cronulla Sharks to play alongside his best mate Ben Barba.

    The huge dollars needed to try to keep the halves at Brookvale is the very reason Kelly and coach Geoff Toovey can’t offer the same money rivals are offering Matai.

    The Kiwi centre is refusing to comment on his plans because he is reluctant to upset teammates and fans in a public dispute so close to the start of the competition.

    http://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl...=Fox Feed - Stars want out of Sea Eagles nest
  2. NYEagle

    NYEagle Well-Known Member

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    Well it looks all over before it's even begun.
    Emotionally, I cant handle this crap any more. Clean em out the team can't have players in its ranks that are unhappy.
    I won't begrudge Matai, he has been a loyal servant and a champion. I'll never ever say a bad word about the guy and it will up to the club to decide if they want to offer the serious money to keep him, or let him go.
    Foran - well if he does announce he is leaving then I say please piss him off. I'm sick of the bull**** and the drama queens. Get lost you will only be remembered for 2011.
    NY"sick of it what a weak bunch of piss these guys are goodbye you will be forgotten"Eagle

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    • HoldenV8

      HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

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      Isn't Skivy under contract? What are other NRL clubs doing trying to entice a player to break a contract? Though they seem to be getting around this by having him ask for a release.

      If the story is true that is.

      Could you imagine the outcry if Manly tried to get Inglis to ask for a release from the Vermin so he could immediately move to Brookvale? Seems to be open season on Manly players though.
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      • NewwyEagle

        NewwyEagle I sleep in a racing car

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        Am I missing something?
        I find these statements a little contradictory.
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        • globaleagle

          globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Nope, you're missing anything. Welcome to the world of media Manly reporting.

          Gee that line of "Set his family up for life" is a well worn out phrase.

          It's like we are meant to believe that these guys play for nothing for the first 10 years of their careers, but are going to get 200 million billion dollars for their last contract! Add to that that there is simply no possibility of these guys getting another job post playing careers.

          (maybe if their managers don't get them a good contract in their prime....get a new manager.)

          Of course any new contract...a highly suspended player would forego any time they spent on the sidelines cash wise. Surely...wouldn't they? No?

          Anyway, gotta go and buy some cement.....so I can set myself up for life.
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          • Lord Eagleton

            Lord Eagleton Well-Known Member

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            Lol spot on GE
          • master blaster

            master blaster Well-Known Member

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            I am so over this crap,the club has to get this sorted out asap,I thought the deadwood was gone from the board,well it doesnt seem so,and I reckon if Foran goes to Parra,I bet Sterling would be behind it too,he just loves Foz
          • Berkeley_Eagle

            Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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            everything in that article has been printed before by others, now it's slobfields turn to rehash it again
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            • Budgewoi Eagle

              Budgewoi Eagle In for the long haul. Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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              I don't mind players wanting to decide their own futures. They're in a position to do just that and good luck to them.
              I do mind players wanting to break contracts and the constant leaking/sabotage that has become the norm at our Manly club.
              Perhaps I need to just sit back and wait for the next owner. Because if I owned the Club, THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.
            • lovefooty

              lovefooty Well-Known Member

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              I thought that because the Penns are now the one owner that all would be good and players would want to stay and play for them. That was the stuff that was put to us by Slothfied and the tellecrap last year. MMMMM who will they blame now. (The coach) You watch
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              • The Eagle Has Landed

                The Eagle Has Landed Well-Known Member

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                Just saw this on The Today show.
                Here we bloody go again. No other club gets dragged through this crap.
                Let them go ASAP I say as long as we can keep DCE we'll be fine.
                Hate to see them go but the sooner they leave the better for our club.
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                • dowdz

                  dowdz Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                  I hope this crap gets sorted before the season starts. Sick of it. If they don't want to be here then piss them off. Let guys that want to be here take there spots.
                • Moondog

                  Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                  I really don't give a f**k anymore.
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                  • Frogz

                    Frogz Well-Known Member Premium Member

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                    Slothfield back from holidays still on a bender....
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                    • Mals

                      Mals Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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                      Maybe Tooves needs to give out more hugs at training...;)

                      Time for talking is over Joe Kelly. You've crunched the numbers and spoken with the retention committee. Get a pen from Mr Penn & get some signatures on contracts.
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                      • COMMANDER


                        +2,412 /121
                        I agree with BE. Rothfield doesn't need to leave home to re-hash this and have no attributable sources.

                        Other than that, imagine if we have a poor start to the season; it will be a field day on this site around this speculation.

                        There's only one man who can end the speculation around Foran and that's Foran. By this stage all offers are on the table. The Club needs to put a clock on him, rather than have this crap floating about for another 6 months, ruin the season and then have him leave anyway.
                      • Loobs

                        Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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                        If Matai wants out, fine. I won't begrudge him. Let him go (to Parra) for overs. Foran I'm sick of. He said he'd get it sorted before the season because he didn't want it lingering well guess what? It's lingering like a stale fart and everyone is over it.

                        This article for some reason was enough for me. I appreciate Joe Kelly is trying to navigate Des' mess but this really needs to be sorted out by the end of January and as much as possible, everyone that wants out should be GONE.
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                        • Loobs

                          Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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                          And if Foran goes, Killer plays a bridge season at 5/8, Hiku to the centres, any one of our gun youngsters to the wing and use Foran and Matai's money to buy the biggest props we can find.
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                          • Fluffy

                            Fluffy Well-Known Member

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                            must be true, it is in the daily terror

                            just like it was true last year, in fact these players have already left according to the terror
                          • COMMANDER

                            COMMANDER IF YOU DO NOT TRY YOU CAN NOT FAIL

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                            Yes, mentioned this in another thread, will have massive money to buy forward talent and more than enough options to cover him at 5/8.

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