Pre-Game Souths V Manly [Round 16, 2024]

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22 Jun 2024 07:35 PM

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Yes we can, surely the NRL has dispensations for a player to come into the team outside the reserves if neither of the reserves can cover that position.

If Sipley or Waddell are ruled out I'm predicting Lawton to 2nd row. Which means we need to call in a half to the final 17.
I dont believe so.


Humphries clearly isn’t rated by Siebs, if he couldn’t crack it now with Arthur, DCE & even Wakeham all unavailable he doesn’t have a future here


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Humphries not names for Blacktown, could be injured.
Most weeks someone in the original 22 named in FG on Tuesday,are not named in the reggies team for that weekend but once the FG team is finalised on game day or 24 hrs prior,they are shuffled down to the lower grade
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Pete W

Strange that the 18&19 are outside backs and the only players that haven’t been in doubt all week are the selected outside backs
Obviously it means Schoupp can play edge forward if needed, so too guys like Lawton, and even Talau. All our edge forwards can play middle, but not all our middles can shift out.

With Lawton at half, and Schoupp, whilst not disrupting our left, I am happy Seibold has taken a defensive approach to his selections this week


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So Toff and Waddell are good to go , they can only be replaced by our 2 backs on the list players 18 /19 . I don't know the rules?


Humphries not names for Blacktown, could be injured.
That's the thing, it makes no sense for him to not be playing NSW cup.

Either he'll shuffle back into that team sheet, he's injured, or he'll be a late inclusion in First Grade.
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This is the only thing in the NRL rules.

Clubs wanting to bring in a player from outside the 21-man squad or the 19-man squad after they have been announced must apply for an exemption which will be evaluated by the NRL's Head of Football on a case-by-case basis.

Doubt we would be granted dispensation to bring in a half for a prop but more importantly why would Seibs go down this path if he actually wanted JH in the team? He would've just left him in the reserves.

Will on the hill

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Via special dispensation. If we lose a forward before kickoff, Lawton will probably be needed in the second row, that leaves two outside backs in the reserves to cover halfback which doesn't make much sense.
Think you're clutching at straws EB. It is possible but highly unlikely


Not necessarily true. Is it wise to debut a halfback when your entire forward pack is missing?
Against a team in the bottom 3 without Latrell & Cam Murray, yeah I’d say it’s a decent time if he’s good enough. He’s 22, if he doesn’t get a chance at a time like this he will leave anyway if he thinks he’s a first grade player.
Our pack is weak yes, but having Lawton at halfback makes it even worse
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