Signing we didn't get

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Signing we didn't get

After watching the Souths game I am glad that we missed out on Joe Williams.

Maybe I am being harsh but I thought he had a shocker. His defence was very ordinary and it was clear that our second rowers in particular had targeted him to run at.

Ben Walker didn't do a lot either - why didn't he kick - and my view is that he is no loss to our side.
Signing we didn't get

there is an interesting photo of walker tackling watmough on foxsports. Looks like a gouge to me,8659,15072893-23214,00.html
Signing we didn't get

Joe Williams reminds me of Owen Craigie.

See Ben Walker's great quote in the Herald. "They [Manly] got rid of the deadwood in the halves". He's a character.
Signing we didn't get

Williams will be a one-season wonder IMO. I am not sorry we missed out on him or Tahu & J.Monas for that matter. So far all three have been a waste of money.
Signing we didn't get

I thought Walker was also positive to the Brookie crowd despite a less than complimentary welcome. He didn't take the 'razzing' too seriously and came across as a good bloke, unlike that moron that poses as his brother that plays for the Rorters.

The Fox pic looks a tad like a gouge but my guess is that it was part of his customary tackling style - slip off the player, with the photo taken at the wrong moment.
Signing we didn't get

In my opinion Joe Williams is not up to first grade yet in terms of his kicking and defence especially for a halfback. I watched him play at Brookie yesterday and he look very fat. His kicking is poor for this level, and that is why souths may be struggling.
Signing we didn't get

williams was average, but we have had half backs, including Monaghs who have looked just as bad when the forwards have copped a demolishon job like the rabbits copped on the weekend, if we had slightly better ball control we would have got 70

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