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The Manly NRL side for Friday night's 7.30 p.m. kick off match against the Eels is: Brett Stewart,Scott Donald,Paul Stephenson,Terry Hill,Chris Hicks,Michael Witt,Michael Monaghan (c),Brent Kite,Chad Randall,Jason King,Luke Williamson,Glenn Stewart,Steve Menzies. Replacements: Shane Dunley,Kylie Leuluai,Mark Bryant,Sam Harris.
I agree, I am fairly confident about this week. Hindmarsh is a devasting loss for them IMO.
Hindmarch is as big a loss for them as kennedy is for us.

Glen stewart will be pumped and ready to show what he has got i think. Look out for a big one from him
if "Rolf" cant make the starting l;ine up on current form, that shows how well Willow and Stewart have been playing, quietlky confident this end.
this is a true test! pfftt

About time Glenn Stewart got a run this year
Agree Zap, considering his form in the trials. Apart from his broken thumb I reckon he would have been there in Round 1.
this is a true test! pfftt

About time Glenn Stewart got a run this year

Haha, "About time" come on, no way there is room for him when you've got Watmough, Kennedy & Menzies probably playing the best football. I did think they might have put him on the bench but Harris has been playing awesome the last few weeks.

I'm glad he's getting a run but I don't think it's about time. He'll get his shot more than one this year, let's just hope this week he has a big game!
i think when we had the injuries against the tigers he could have been given a run there, he is going to be a gun one day and a nicer bloke you could not meet
Yeah, sadly I don't get to see how they play in PL and what not been from NZ and stuff. An I did see bits of him last year. Did look very good.
Cool, my mother is going over to Australia for 20 odd days in July and I asked if I could go over and go to a game haha, she said she'll think about it.
some of them get a bit drunk and swear a bit :p :p !drunk: !drunk: :blaugh: !ill

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