Post-Game Discussion Sharks v Manly [Round 21, 2023]

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Sea Eagles
26 PointsBet Stadium
23 Jul 2023 16:05
80:00 minute

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Yes, I saw that AFB played the whole first 40mins first half and then came straight on for the second half. Not sure how many minutes he played in total but I was impressed

From memory AFB did that with us reasonably regularly. It all comes back to possession. If we dominated possession he played really long minutes however conversely if it was the other way he came off earlier. He is an absolute gun.


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I'm not one to overly bag the refs as you win some you lose some.

But Kennedy passing the ball off the ground and that knock on in the lead up to the next sharks try were just unforgivable.

I think if you watch the reply, Kennedy was not on the ground when he passed.
He held himself up and passed it just before he hit the ground. One of the refs good decisions.


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Thanks @Jethro :rock:

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I thought the forward losses hurt us somewhat. Paseka in particular

i was cooking dinner around the footy. At half time i was asked what time dinner was to be.
as i was doing the math i thought i had better factor in extra time because thats my team. . Luckily we avoided that and i had extra time to prep

the capitulation at the end is part of us, injuries, no injuries. Its what we do

after croker kicked a 40/20 i hoped we would kick ourselves to victory but our attention to the process went out the window

with the wind and injuries , it seemed so obvious i was really concerned. We do lose our way at times
Thought when we lost Jake for the last 12min was the period that it went pear shaped fairly quickly. If Jake had of stayed on our middle would of been shored up defensively and maybe a couple of try's may have been prevented.


Our 3 injured props resulted in us playing 14 men vs 17 men over the course of the game so it took its toll on the 14 players who had to shoulder the 3 injured props’ workload.
Paseka and Alioai played l think a total of 30minutes between them and with Lodge not being match fit it just was a matter of time that we'd run out of juice.
Paseka generally plays long minutes too compared to three on the bench.


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I was surprised there was no 'wishbone tackle' call on Tent's injury (as I was with Jake head hit as he stayed down and the bunker looked at it).

Fitzgibbon can go blow a sparkplug if he wants a please explain from the refs.

He sprayed his team about their lack of defence last week, and so the fact they were caught offside many times was no real surprise (and bad coaching).

Also there was a penalty in the second half where the player 'oregon' (really parents???) was not square and the ref screamed his lungs out 3+ times telling him he was not square, yet what happens....

Oregon goes in and makes the tackle...penalty Broncos Manly.

So it's an easy one for Annesley to defend - fitzy, your players were terribly undisciplined.
lol the Oregon penalty. My hearings not the best, but I was bolt upright when "small man syndrome " kept screaming it. They would’ve heard him at Northies!


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Sea Eagles forward Haumole Olakau'atu and Bulldogs forward Corey Waddell were the other players charged after Sunday's matches.

I didn't really see it (I sound like a coach, lol) but apparently it wasn't that bad...not 3k bad anyway.
Yep, it was 3k because it was deemed to be a Grade 1 Shoulder Charge and it was his 2nd Offence.

Sea Eagles Judiciary News:

Haumole Olakau'atu (Sea Eagles)
Grade 1 Shoulder Charge - 2nd Offence
Guilty - Early Plea - $3000 fine


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