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Journey Man
The Manly Sea Eagles today named a strong side to play Newcastle at Brookvale Oval on Sunday.

Centre Terry Hill returns after injury,Brent Kite is back after a week's suspension and star forwards Ben Kennedy and Steve Menzies return from State of Origin duty.

Dropped from the side beaten 44-6 by South Sydney are centre Paul Stephenson and replacement forward Jim Curtis.

Ashley Alberts retains a centre spot after a bright debut against Souths.

The Manly side to play the Knights is: Brett Stewart,Scott Donald,Terry Hill,Ashley Alberts,Chris Hicks,Michael Witt,Michael Monaghan (c),Jason King,Chad Randall,Brent Kite,Steve Menzies,Anthony Watmough,Ben Kennedy.Replacements:phil Moorwood,Sam Harris,Shayne Dunley,Luke Williamson,Mark Bryant (one to be omitted).

The PREMIER League side to play Newcastle at Brookvale Oval on Sunday is:Jared Taylor,Mitch Creary,Steve Matai,Paul Stephenson,Darren Peachey,Jye mullane,Travis Burns,Jim Curtis,Nathan Hollingsworth,Kane Cleal,Nathan Tutt,Glenn Stewart,J.P.Cherry (c).Replacements: Jeff Robson,Karl Johnson,Daniel Watkins,Mailangi Styles,Sean Dalton.

The Manly JERSEY FLEGG side to play Newcastle at Brookvale Oval on Sunday is: Ryan Cribb,Tom Joseph,James Donlan,Sean meaney,Terry Kelly,Harry Berryman,Josh lewis(c),Chris Trembath,Brendan Crabb,Adam Shaw,Vic Mauro,Mitchell Taueli,Josh Brown.Replacements: Grant Jessop,Mark Offerdahl,John Greive,Ina Papera,Joab Hull,Simon Yeo,Suli Koroibulileka.
Well would you believe it, Alberts for Steppa - AE gets their way.

Hopefully Beaver and Bk make it through origin unscaved - we will have an almost full strength team
Hopefully Moorwood will be the one that gets dropped. He must of had the cleanest jersey after 80 minutes of footy last weekend.
lol DVS, your not wrong there, id still have G Stewart there instead of him, if either of Beaver/BK dont make it through id have Stewart there over deadwood any day.
Hopefully Moorwood will be the one that gets dropped. He must of had the cleanest jersey after 80 minutes of footy last weekend.

Was going to post something similar, no way should he be ahead of Bryant who's at least had a dig.
someone must have caught glenn stewart rooting a goat.they are kidding putting morewood in arent thay.

I really wouldn't object to having a goat rooter in our team ahead of morewood.
Alberts in for steppa is an interesting one. Glad to see it though
well overdue I think Dan, will be interested to see how he and Hill go.

Just for interests sake, which of he and Steppa played out of position as they both usually play on the same side?
He would be the first to go, I would also prefer Glen or even Cleal in front of Morewood
that may have been an indication, alberts taking the left and Steppa in hills spot on the right. Good move , while Steppa maybe better value "this week" Ash is certainly the man for the job in the future.
Dropping Stephenson was a good move in my opinion, should have dropped Randall too. Also Morewood over Stewart?? What's the deal there

I would have gone

Brett Stewart
Scott Donald
Terry Hill
Ashley Alberts
Chris Hicks
Michael Witt
Michael Monaghan (c)
Jason King
Luke Williamson
Brent Kite
Steve Menzies
Anthony Watmough
Ben Kennedy

Replacements: Sam Harris, Shayne Dunley, Mark Bryant, Glen Stewart

Heres hoping Beaver and BK are fine to play on Sunday after they destroy Queensland.
I think they are going for size more than anything. Glenn Stewart lacks in size a lot, personally I feel Bryant will get the nod infront of Morewood.
Is Ballin coming along at all? I heard he was good during the trials but not much after that. Is there an in-house replacement for Randall?
im all for starting dunners of the bench, its one of our strengths, no point risking that buy starting him,. BUt why not start with willo, much better defence wise over chadwicks, not like chad has been oooozing creativity at dummy half. this gives us another forwad on the bench. i guess its been said before.
Ballin got one point for PL on the weekend against Penrith. Hasn't been picked again - noone is saying what the story is.

Looked great in the trials but has not been picked at No 1 hooker in PL since.

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