Satirical Song Lyrics

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Kim Jong Dan
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I have been listening to Tism a fair bit today, not sure why, i think its because i am the only one in the office, well this side of it.

Anyway jsut gotmethinking that these guys are the absolute kings of satire.

Songs like Morisson hostel, greg the stop sign, he aint gonna be an ole man river etc.

So whats you favourite satirical song lyric.
Dunno what strycal means zap. Care to explain, I love Eminems Lyrics... bloody crack up!!! :lol:
just go read some of TISM's song lyrics they are ****ing funny

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anything by REM just has to top the weirdest lyric charts - i also like Carly simons youre so vain - Clowns in your coffee.
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anyways REM arent exactly Satire they are weird though
Come here little kiddies,
On my lap,
Guess who's back with a brand new rap,
and I don't mean rap as in a new case,
of child molestation accusations,

No worries, papa's got a brand new bag of toys,
what else could I possibly do to make noise,
i've touched on everything but little boys,
and thats not a stab at michael,
thats a metaphore,
im just phyco,
I go a little bit crazy sometimes,
I get a little bit out of control with my rhymes.

Now in the bible it says,
thou shall not watch two lesbians in bed,
or have homosexual sex,
unless of couse you were given the consent to join in,
then of course its intercourse and its bisexual sex,
which isn't as bad,
as long as you show some remorse for your actions,
either before during or after,
performing the act of that which,

:lol: :lol: :lol:
satire, or just cleverly worded rhyme?
thats ****en hilarius. I'd the whole songs but ****it. Thats just god damn funny, especially when he spits it out all at once. :lol:
The guy who slagged the football team,
Those yobs were not for him,
He turns into a real estate agent,
Who believes in discipline,

The guy who's first to use cocaine,
The wild boy breaking free,
He'll end up in a court of law,
As the prosecuting Q.C.

Remember the School Captain?
Success was a matter of time,
I can hear her now, as she screams,
"Greg! You missed the stop sign!"

Forget Snoop Doggy Dog,
Forget old Ice Tea,
The true word out on the streets,
Is produced by the T.A.C.

What's the use of striving?
Life's road in front unravels,
We get to do the driving,
Don't choose the direction we travel,

Do your homework or wag for weeks,
Grafiti the Dandenong line,
It don't matter much when you hear that scream,
"Greg! You missed the stop sign!"

Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!

Sometime in the next 10,000 years,
A comet's gonna wipe out all trace of man,
I'm banking on it coming,
Before my end of year exam,

The rich kid becomes a junkie,
The poor kid an advertiser,
What a tragic waste of potential,
Being a junkie's not so good either,

Your folks worked hard for what you got,
You are the fruit of their vine,
Who cares what you sow and what you reap?
'Cause Greg! You missed the stop sign!

Bought a car just the other day,
Man could that baby run,
But you know what they always say,
There's always a better one,
Got a tumor in my brain,
It's creeping to my lungs,
Man, I've searched around in vain,
Can't find me a better one,

Hardwired into everyone's head,
Is the person they're gonna be,
Growing up's not a matter of choice,
It's a matter of wait and see,

So kids, yeah you can do it,
You can be your best,
Girls can do anything,
You can past the test,

I'm OK, You're OK,
We're OK, We're fine,
I thought I heard a semi-trailer,
Greg! You missed the stop sign!

Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!

Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!
Greg! The stop sign!

Now think about it, thats satire
i know its funny but still its not exactly intelligent funny. i would wager "ron Braassi hitler" and co could out rap eminem on satire stakes
I agree. Em just takes the piss out of fagots and anything else thats a little bit Fence sate on. If you understand what I mean. Say what most people won't!! :shock:
Fluff is yours. Star treking across the universe?

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