Sack Seibold.

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You would think a coach in his position where the team has been losing and sliding down the ladder, would hold off negotiations/extensions and focus on getting the team back in the winning ways, rather than be thinking of themselves and their future. I find it selfish and that he has no care for his players, club or supporters. I understand coaching is difficult and yes he wants to secure his future, but wouldn't one think that if the team is winning and climbing the ladder, one would have a better bargaining power? Pull your head in Seibs and start focusing all your energy on getting this team back to winning, then sit down with the club and negotiate away.
I think this was the pre planned catchup between the club and Seibold/Moses,after Rd10 it was scheduled


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In what world has he done enough to merit a discussion? My guess is that was, as others have already said, a standard meeting booked in to start discussions
I believe Mestrov said publicly earlier this year that they would begin discussions circa Round 10 this year, so this was a formality.

Siebold is still contracted until the end of 2025, so no need for the club to rush into a decision.


I am on the fence with seibs currently. I agree we needed a change after des 2.0 and Seibs has implemented some good things however I do believe if we don't make the 8 this season than he should be gone thereafter.

The club shouldn't make the same mistake the Eels made (waiting too long for Bennet before it was too late). Imo they should already be "feeling out" other options just in case the season turns pear shaped. (For me If I was mestrov I would be discreetly talking to BA's manager like now)


We need a coach that isn't gonna be afraid to make the tough calls. One that is gonna shake it up a bit and have some pull in the market. I feel some coaches are under certain players influences, to scared to rub them up the wrong way perhaps.


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When it comes to Moses it doesn't surprise me, neither does the media. Storm in a tea cup maybe.


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Sounds very petulant ! I suggest the media have overassessed the situation a tad!
They say that where there is smoke the media lights a fire for their headline BBQ celebrations

And the smoke apparently came from inside that Manly meeting room and out the door when Seibold walked out


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Screenshot 2024-05-23 194559.jpg


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James Dampney,

Seibold also spoke to the newspaper on Thursday and added his opinion the situation was under control and he was still hopeful of extending his current deal with the club.

“The club’s put talks on hold and I’ve got no drama with that,” he said.

“I’ve got another year and a half to go and I want to stay beyond that.

Full story link:
They say that where there is smoke the media lights a fire for their headline BBQ celebrations

And the smoke apparently came from inside that Manly meeting room and out the door when Seibold walked out
I think you will find the ‘smoke’ came from the journalist and editor.. who wanted a catchy headline!

Just sayin’

Terry Zarsoff

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From the SMH. Through the smoke and mirrors, perhaps more smoke and mirrors, especially when you have the full support of Mr Penn:

Are Manly, Anthony Seibold and Isaac Moses still on the same page?​

Adam Pengilly

By Adam Pengilly

May 23, 2024 — 7.45pm

In rugby league, there can be many versions of the truth about the one story – it just depends on who you talk to.

But on Thursday, the key players in the Manly-Anthony Seibold contract tango were waltzing to the same tune.

Just over 24 hours out from their potentially season-shaping showdown with the Melbourne Storm, Seibold and chief executive Tony Mestrov sat down to discuss their respective positions, with the coach eyeing a new deal beyond the end of 2025.

Manly started the year like top-four contenders but have lost their last three matches by a combined nine points, as well as Tom Trbojevic to a long-term hamstring problem,and are now outside the top eight. It’s the fine margins.

Perhaps reasonably, Mestrov said it would be wise to put any further discussions over a new deal for Seibold on hold. He wants Seibold to worry about coaching – and results – first. Mestrov is a no-nonsense club boss who is not afraid to make big calls, having told club legend Des Hasler he was no longer needed in 2022.

If Manly had won their last three games by a combined nine points, they would be running third and the Seibold deal could have almost been done. But they haven’t, and the Sea Eagles want their season to be corrected first.
Anthony Seibold is in his second year in charge of Manly.

Anthony Seibold is in his second year in charge of Manly.CREDIT: GETTY

After that message, things might get a little murkier.

Did Seibold storm out of the meeting with Mestrov, as reported elsewhere? He swears that wasn’t the case.

“I’m very comfortable with where we’re at,” Seibold said on Thursday evening. “I love the club, I love the area. If I’m doing a good job, I would love to stay long term. That’s the reality of it.”

But just down the road, a new vacancy has arisen after Brad Arthur’s sudden sacking at Parramatta.

Seibold’s manager, Isaac Moses – the most influential agent in the game – has his star client, halfback Mitchell Moses, on the Eels’ books. He also has one of the game’s hottest teenage talents, Blaize Talagi, unsigned beyond this season, and knows that if the Eels lose a promising local junior like him, the disaster for their future football team will pale in comparison to the PR wreckage.

It’s safe to assume Talagi, and Moses, will want to know who Parramatta’s next coach is before putting pen to paper.

Seibold is said to have admirers at the Eels, including head of football Mark O’Neill, but the coach’s only thinking is to build Manly back into an NRL powerhouse. Could he have his head turned? It seems unlikely.

Moses also has a cast of clients at the Sea Eagles under Seibold, to the point where there was criticism last year from sections of the media that Manly had fallen under the spell of the controversial agent.
Prop Matt Lodge, who suffered a torn biceps at Magic Round, has no guarantee of a deal at Manly next season.

Prop Matt Lodge, who suffered a torn biceps at Magic Round, has no guarantee of a deal at Manly next season.CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

Their response in July last year was extraordinary: the Sea Eagles publicly released a list of managers who had players contracted to the club at the time. Moses had five. It was less than Mario Tartak (seven), Daniel O’Loughlin (seven) and the Orr brothers (six).

Moses’ relationship with the club undoubtedly helped him get Matt Lodge a one-year extension for 2024 after he ruptured his ACL just three games into his mid-season switch last year. The day after the game, Mestrov declared they would still offer him a fresh contract. It was a noble gesture.

Lodge completed his rehabilitation in quick time, came back in round seven, but is again out long term with a torn biceps suffered in Magic Round. He has no guarantee of a deal next season.

This time, the parties are squabbling more than before about whether Lodge deserves another NRL lifeline, and if so, how much is he paid. It’s been bubbling away for weeks in the background while the Seibold talks hog the headlines.

“Seibs has got another year to go,” Mestrov said. “We’re comfortable with the position, and we’ve started some preliminary discussions with his manager, and we’ll continue to have them. As everyone knows, it’s a results-driven business.”

It’s unfathomable to think Seibold will walk away from a club which he has worked overtime to heal after the rainbow jersey saga and Hasler’s sacking in 2022.

Even more pertinent was his bruising coaching swap with Wayne Bennett when he left South Sydney for the Broncos. He doesn’t need any more of the NRL soap opera - just results.

After the news of contract talks breaking down were published by the Daily Telegraph, Seibold and bemused Manly owner Scott Penn spoke via phone. Their relationship remains a healthy one. They agreed their project has a long time to run.

“We see Seibs as our long-term coach,” Penn told this masthead. “We’re building, and we’ve only just begun.

“In terms of a contract extension, we’ve had a very high level start of a discussion. It hasn’t even been a negotiation, just a start of some discussions. We’re talking 2026 and beyond.

“Once again, it’s between us and him.”
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Penn is so far off the mark if he is talking about 26 and beyond for Seibold you may as well close the doors.

A very sympathetic story it mentions we lost the last three games by a combined 9 points another way to write article is we lost after leading by 20 points on our home ground against a team with two rookie halves, we also lost to dolphins after leading by 12 points.

We also let in on average 22 points per game which is embarrassing.


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There is nothing wrong with Talau or Brooks. Talau, Brooks & Brown have been great signings. Brooks & DCE combination will take time, Talau has been our best back & Brown gives us the intimidation we need!
I’ll accept that Talau has potential, but Brooks is a loser through and through. A Leopard doesn’t change its spots.


When you have a coach like Seibold that cooly and calmly gives the excuse that “the other side played stronger”after we held a healthy lead is pitiful.
Bellamy,Hasler,Stuart etc would not have been so tolerant.
They unceremoniously dumped Hasler because in the eyes of Penn,Mestrov and others Seibold was our premiership coach.
Bring back Toovey!!


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Something like this (a potentially destabilising story) seems to come out from the media every time we are about to play the storm.

It's like the media...has an agenda!
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